One World Heart Sanctuary

Cacao Retreat in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
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    1 Review on “One World Heart Sanctuary”

    • Nathan H. 11 months ago

      I recently had the pleasure of sitting through several ceremonies with Jessica and Tyler at One World Heart. Both are exceptional at handling medicine, facilitating, and helping guide those on their Journey. I am a 34 yr old veteran with complex PTSD acquired through the military and struggled with opioid addiction for nearly decade. The moment I met Jessica and Tyler I felt a trust and care within their presence. I had struggled with the fight or flight response throughout many years, and I couldn’t sleep well as a result. After going through a few ceremonies my nervous system has shifted tremendously and I am able to sleep without panic. I have been able to slowly integrate a sense of safety and my authentic being back into the world and trust the world and people in it. I was able to let go and move through trauma stored in my mind and body, at one point I experienced myself as an unassailable perfect diamond. I felt the force of all things created and now know I also posses the force of love and unity within me, forever being connected to it all. I saw the best version of myself expressed and fully loved & accepted all aspects of myself. Truly, it has been such a joy to find the light and love that I always craved and give it to myself and share it with others. Jessica and Tyler are exceptional at holding the medicine, attending to the small details of ceremony and their knowledge & availability for those needing integration: I highly recommend! They are the Best!


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