Tandava Retreats by Kaivalya Kollectiv VETTED

5-MeO-DMT Retreat in Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico
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    5 Reviews on “Tandava Retreats by Kaivalya Kollectiv”

    • Mark L. 2 years ago

      I had spent several weeks reviewing retreats through Third Wave and on my own. The information for research I found on Thrid Wave was invaluable. Through this, I found Joel and Victoria.

      My time spent with Joel and Victoria was life-changing for me, easily one of the most important things I have done and experienced ever. It has been close to a year since my sessions with them and their teachings and experience still are strong in my body and soul, my life has just gotten better daily, and will continue on this path they opened for me.

      I had sought sound therapy for six years, going to multiple therapists for the answers to my questions and emotions, and never found a solution. In a matter of a few days, all I was seeking was found, resolved, and left behind. My life is totally different, in a 100 % positive way today.

      The experience is life-changing, a journey so many should have the experience of being a part of. I will forever be grateful for my time with them, and the extension of their ongoing friendship and love. I highly recommend them.


    • Patrick R. 3 years ago

      I contacted Joël after searching for a place that serves 5 meo. What happened after that has changed my life for ever. I was at a point in my life where I had found some pretty good success. I had been building a business for quite awhile and it took off like crazy. I had everything someone could ask for but the pressure was mounting and I was heavily stressed. Extremely angry most of the time. With zero outside reason, I figured I was bumping up against some stuff. Anyhow I found Joël on instagram and we set up an intro call. He was kind enough to share his story and how he got there. Everything seemed pretty good but I wanted to learn more. After about a day or two I committed to the retreat for as soon as possible. About 4 weeks out. I was a bit stressed about traveling to another country to stay with people I never met but the way they spoke to me was unlike anybody else I’d ever been in contact with. Pure loving energy! So I put the fear aside and followed my intuition. We had a couple meetings beforehand which were truly helpful looking back because I felt like I knew them by the time I got there. (By them I mean him and Victoria). They were both so knowledgeable about the process I was in shock at how much passion they had for their craft. When I arrived they had a driver waiting for me at the airport. When I got to their place, it was like hanging out with old friends. The location was absolutely beautiful. Through the first day we sat and talked about what I wanted, my intentions so we were all aligned on my container. We started everything off with a Kambo ceremony done by Victoria. Her passion and love for the craft intrigued me although it didn’t sound fun. It wasn’t, lol but I felt like a badass after doing it. Anyhow when it came time to go with the 5 meo, I was a bit nervous as anyone would be and should be but their loving energy made me feel comfortable through the whole process. It was the most amazing experience of my life!!! To die before you die was truly magic. They had all the right songs, smells, sounds and space to make the journey incredible. Looking back on this as I ramble out a review I am just so truly grateful for this experience. Afterwards we hiked to a sacred spot in the mountains. Got some great authentic Mexican food in the markets. Added bonuses were that they had a private chef at the residence to cook up some great meals while also accommodating the diet issues I have. We had a couple sessions and finished it off with a sound bath which was absolutely amazing. All in all I would do this again and very well may do so. Only afterwards did I realize how well respected Joël is in the community. I’m excited to see his growth moving forward. After participating in a second ceremony at home since this I am very much grateful I made this pilgrimage to get out of my environment and take a leap of faith. It was truly rewarding and Ive become much more spiritual since and the best part…the anger issues and stress has pretty much gone away. They also helped me with a few things as I integrated back to the normal world. Obviously with something like this it can be a bit disorienting but they helped me with everything and made it all so much easier. Thank you Joël and Victoria for such a wonderful experience.

    • Perry B. 3 years ago

      Infinitely grateful for the most important and impactful life-changing experience imaginable. From the moment Joel and his team ‘connected’ with me, I empirically knew I was working with consummate professionals and I felt safe, heard and always in a loving space. The ceremonies were beautiful and perfectly balanced with breath-work, yoga, meditation and soul nurturing meals. There are no words for the gifts the medicine provided, save to say I experienced true love and the most incredible shift in how I ‘see’ my world and the role I play. Yesssssss!

    • Jacob P. 3 years ago

      If you need healing, life changing, simply amazing experience with integration. This place is for you. Forever grateful to you Joel and team.

    • Tim S. 3 years ago

      Joel and his facilitators are amazing at what they do — very intentional and nurturing!


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