California Center for Psychedelic Therapy

Ketamine Clinic in Los Angeles, California, United States
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    1 Review on “California Center for Psychedelic Therapy”

    • Gutter M. 2 years ago

      I found California Center for Psychedelic Therapy during a period where I had been completely substance-free for around 18-months, had tapered off of SSRIs and Mood-Stabilizers, but was still suffering from profound depression and existential anxiety. My clinical history with depression, in particular, goes back decades into childhood. I had been through the ringer: suffering humiliating experiences with misdiagnosis, stigma, mal-actors in the profession, medical + psychiatric trauma, and was completely out of options for my lingering depression, which through all this had been untreated.

      At last, having attempted multiple modalities at recovery from depression, I had arrived at a diagnosis of “Treatment-Resistant-Depression.” I believe this is why CCPT could help, and why I was a good candidate for this therapy.

      I completed an 8—10 week protocol with this clinic. The supervising physician, therapist, and scheduling/administrative side of this business helped me get comfortable and understand the treatment protocol. They also answered all of my questions, and addressed my concerns about starting the treatment, and set realistic expectations about possible outcomes of the treatment.

      About my experience: The care I received was authentic, patient, accepting, non-judgemental, and life-changing. While the treatment did not address everything about my quality of life that I wanted to improve (that would & does require more work outside of this experience), It did significantly move the needle on my recovery to an enhanced state of well-being and functionality.

      The difference in terms of overt symptoms of acute depression were not immediately perceptible. However, after about the 6th week of treatment, I began to feel as though I had a new life. Today, many months later, I can say that I have no further symptoms. The medicine continues to work for me. I have not required a “booster” or any supplemental pharmaceutical support. I had found a large margin of relief, which kickstarted my process of healing.

      A key difference in the quality of care at this clinic is the aftercare support. The team and my therapist at CCPT continued to stay in touch and make referrals. They even helped me discover my current therapist after a move cross-country, an experience that is continuing to change my life.

      I couldn’t write a higher endorsement of any mental health clinic. These folks likely are responsible for helping me salvage my life: I couldn’t be in greater grattitude.

      — GutterMonk


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