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    2 Reviews on “Cisne Sann, LPC”

    • Fig T. 1 week ago

      Lindsay and I worked together for a brief time, a time in which I was not ready to cultivate the seeds she helped me to plant. Our work together was deeply meaningful to me and has thoroughly prepared me for the internal family systems work I am doing with my current therapist. Her authentic compassion, loving energy and willingness to explore it all are such a gift. If love and light are your thing, Lindsay is a healing-facilitating-force to be reckoned with! Whether you’re present and available to take on what she helps surface, or you need more incubation time as I did, Lindsay co-creates a nurturing environment that feels profoundly safe. Love pours out of everything she does. I haven’t undergone psychedelic assisted therapy with her, and I can confidently say she’s at the top of my list if I were to do so.

    • Imogen 5 months ago

      Under the compassionate care of Lindsay, my journey from depression to self-discovery and growth was marked by exceptional care. Lindsay not only possesses profound expertise in psychedelic therapy but also went above and beyond to ensure my well-being. With her guidance, I successfully transitioned off a decade-long reliance on antidepressants, and continue to reap the benefit over a year later. She is a true healer, creating a space where transformation thrives. Highly recommended for anyone seeking genuine, skilled, safe and nurturing psychedelic therapy. I will be forever grateful for her help.


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