Read about the effects, myths, legality, and benefits of this powerful psychedelic that comes from the glands of the Phyllomedusa bicolor (aka giant leaf or monkey frog). Discover kambo’s history and its ceremonial and medicinal uses.

How to Prepare For Your Next Kambo Ceremony

Kambo is the substance secreted from the kambo frog, or Phyllomedusa bicolor,  found in the Amazon basin. According to legend, kambo takes its name from a legendary medicine man, Kampu, who divined its healing potential from a forest spirit. Like many other substances with origins in medicinal use performed by shamans, kambo is still used today […]

Learn About the Kambo-Containing Frog Phyllomedusa Bicolor

Phyllomedusa Bicolor The phyllomedusa bicolor is a fascinating creature—also known as the giant leaf frog, the giant monkey frog, or the giant waxy monkey tree frog, this Amazonian amphibian has earned its swath of aliases due to a unique set of characteristics. Like other frogs under the phyllomedusa genus, the bicolor is a tree frog, […]


The Essential Guide to Kambo
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