As sherpas are to mountain climbers, so microdosing is to psychedelics - leading the way, clearing the path to higher peaks and better views. Read about the latest research and check out essential guides for answers to all your microdosing-related questions.

Meet The People Who Microdose Psychedelics To Treat ADHD

A smartly dressed, relaxed-looking man greeted me on the other end of the Skype call, in Seattle’s early morning. I apologized for calling him so early. “Not a problem,” he replied cheerfully. “I’m usually up around this time for work.” I don’t know what exactly I was expecting from someone with adult ADHD, but Mike […]

How To Microdose Safely With LSD

When it comes to microdosing, there’s a lot of misinformation out there. A simple google search can reveal forum after forum of ‘advice’ on how to microdose. Most of it is relevant, well researched and helpful. The rest of the time it’s filled with the kind of guidance that can be off-putting, confusing and sometimes dangerous. […]

How To Prepare Psilocybin Mushrooms For Microdosing

WHY MICRODOSE WITH PSILOCYBIN MUSHROOMS? If you’re of the sustainable mindset and don’t have easy access to an organic chemistry lab to synthesize LSD, microdosing with psilocybin mushrooms is a natural alternative to consider. While snipping up or diluting blotter tabs is an easy way to microdose with LSD, it does mean dependence on an […]

Why Microdosing MDMA Could Be A Bad Idea

It’s the advent of ecstasy. MDMA is a rave-drug turned wonder-therapy. It has the potential to help people with PTSD, alleviate social anxiety, and save struggling relationships – and as most users will tell you, it makes you pretty good at dancing. Having been recently approved for phase III clinical trials in the US, it looks like MDMA will soon […]

“Nobody knows I’m a mermaid”: There’s more to microdosing than productivity

In 2015 I found out that you can take tiny amounts of psychedelic substances, like psilocybin or LSD, and enjoy periods of peak physical and mental activity. Shimmering Silicon Valley tycoons in swivel chairs typed furiously at the periphery of my consciousness for the next couple of years, as the canon of identikit indie lifestyle magazines went increasingly apeshit. […]

Is Microdosing Just A Placebo?

Microdosing is a treatment unlike any other. Take a tiny dose of a psychedelic twice a week for several weeks and you’ll barely notice a difference. That is, until you begin to realize how much better you’re feeling at the end of each day. Microdosing requires careful self-reflection and miniscule doses. Naturally, such a subtle […]


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