Webinar Replay: Microdosing, Resilience, and COVID-19

Harnessing the power of psychedelics to enhance immunity, relieve anxiety, and break out of your lockdown rut.

The Microdosing Experience Program Overview

This is a live 6 week transformational group coaching program using microdosing and intentional ceremony as tools for accelerated growth:

Personally, Professionally, and Spiritually. 

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Our program unfolds in 3 phases:

  • Phase 1 is two weeks and focuses on group connection and preparing for a breakthrough experience.
  • Phase 2 is a guided breathwork ceremony to take you deeper into yourself, catalyzing your breakthrough experience.
  • Phase 3 is perhaps the most important: integration of your breakthrough ceremony by combining microdosing with coaching guidance and community support.

We’ve condensed and combined the best practices for sustainable transformation into The Microdosing Experience.

It is a powerful combination of group coaching, structured microdosing, breakthrough ceremony, integration, optimization, and community.

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Voices from Third Wave’s Community:

“Microdosing restored my moods and outlook on life.”

-Simone B.

“Microdosing ‘kicked’ me out of my rut of repetitive negative thought patterns, easing my depression and anxiety. I felt a sense of elated mood and it helped me with focus. I had a certain openness and confidence that was noticeably different.”

  -Mina A.

My intention was to improve productivity, stimulate new ideas, improve social interactions, and break habits leading to bouts of depression.

While microdosing, ideas flowed and I felt a deep connection to people and life. There was a strong feeling of empowerment. Productivity heightened, social barriers dissolved, and gratitude skyrocketed. Old patterns did not disappear, but I felt like I was making a choice to change them.

Third Wave helped me prepare for my experience. I found it essential for establishing a baseline of information before starting on the journey and optimizing.

-Dan M, Environmental Consultant

“The inner critical voice, which can be so debilitating, goes quiet and I feel more in my body. My world expands and love has a way in.”

  -Lisa M.