Webinar Replay: Connection, Community, and Consciousness

Connection, Community and Consciousness

Psychedelic Insights into Healing and Higher Potential

After working intimately with the worlds’ best psychedelic researchers, therapists, entrepreneurs, scientists, and luminaries…

We’ve condensed and combined the best practices for sustainable transformation into The Microdosing Experience. 

It is a powerful combination of group coaching, structured microdosing, breakthrough ceremony, integration, optimization, and community.

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What our community says about their Microdosing Experience:

Microdosing Experience Student
``This is like a graduate course in the use of psychedelics and Microdosing.``
Microdosing Experience Student
``I felt so much less isolated by connecting with people from other countries during the pandemic Sharing the experience with such a wide range of people was incredibly beneficial mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I learned so much more than on my own.``
Microdosing Experience Student
``It's important to know that there are others like you out there. People who are along a similar journey, who want to be vulnerable and share the things they're working on. It created a supportive container for self discovery.``
Microdosing Experience Student
``With such a resurgence in psychedelic science it’s easy to get overwhelmed with information. The MDE program makes it easy to learn the essentials. It’s especially great to have a community of people going through it with you. I didn’t want the experience to end!``
Simone B.
Microdosing Experience Student
``Microdosing restored my moods and outlook on life.``
Mina A.
Microdosing Experience Student
``Microdosing 'kicked' me out of my rut of repetitive negative thought patterns, easing my depression and anxiety. I felt a sense of elated mood and it helped me with focus. I had a certain openness and confidence that was noticeably different.``
Lisa M.
Microdosing Experience Student
``The inner critical voice, which can be so debilitating, goes quiet and I feel more in my body. My world expands and love has a way in.``
Dan M, Environmental Consultant
Microdosing Experience Student
``My intention was to improve productivity, stimulate new ideas, improve social interactions, and break habits leading to bouts of depression. While microdosing, ideas flowed and I felt a deep connection to people and life. There was a strong feeling of empowerment. Productivity heightened, social barriers dissolved, and gratitude skyrocketed.``