Third Wave – Code of Ethics

The Third Wave code of ethics describes the core values, ethical principles, and expected standards of behavior for all Third Wave coaches. In alignment with our commitment to uphold the integrity of both the coaching profession and psychedelic stewardship, it sets out the ethical obligations of Coaching Certification Program (CCP) graduates acting as coaches, mentors, guides, and facilitators.

While only CCP graduates are required to commit to the Third Wave ethics pledge (below), Third Wave staff also adhere to the ethical principles underlying this code of ethics. In light of the work we do, we are all bound to encounter ethical dilemmas, which we hope to help resolve through the application of this framework.

If you encounter an ethical dilemma that requires advice or become aware of an ethical violation, email [email protected].

By signing the ethics pledge below, you agree to abide by the following ethical standards:

Responsibility to Clients

As a psychedelic coach, I:

    1. Ensure that all prospective coaching clients understand the nature of the services offered, the limits of confidentiality, and the financial arrangements prior to entering a coaching relationship.
    2. Maintain the strictest levels of confidentiality in accordance with all applicable laws pertaining to the use of personal data.
    3. Holistically consider my clients’ current and future well-being to determine the suitability of any recommendations I make.
    4. Carefully screen and prepare clients in advance of any breakthrough experience.
    5. Transparently explain my education, business background, professional certifications, and years of industry experience prior to providing any services, and agree to provide only those services within the scope of my competence and in accordance with this code of ethics.
    6. Respect all parties’ right to terminate the coaching relationship at any time for any reason subject to the provisions of the agreement.
    7. Avoid conflicts of interest that may arise by having multiple contracts with clients who may work at the same organization or who may have pre-existing ties of family or friendship.
    8. Actively manage any power or status differences between myself and my clients that may be caused by cultural, relational, psychological, or contextual issues.
    9. Disclose and obtain consent for any service or activity, and clearly outline any potential risks associated with such service or activity.
    10. Maintain a culture of respect for personal privacy, boundaries, and physical touch.
    11. Recognize that work with psychedelics carries the potential for client suggestibility and incidents of transference and countertransference, and take care to avoid misconduct and address these issues during client preparation and integration.
    12. Understand that sexual misconduct is an abuse of trust, and never pursue a sexual or inappropriate relationship with anyone within my coaching practice.
    13. Consistently ensure that clients feel completely safe by avoiding all behavior of a sexual nature, such as (but not limited to):
        1. making sexual remarks, including sexual humor or innuendo
        2. flirtatious behavior
        3. touching clients or colleagues without permission or in a sexual way
        4. engaging in sexual behavior in front of a client
        5. using words or acting in a way that might reasonably be interpreted as being designed or intended to arouse or gratify sexual desire
        6. asking a client about their sexual history or preferences when these are not relevant to their care
        7. sexual exploitation, harassment, assault, or abuse
        8. asking a client to undress or providing inadequate privacy when in an enclosed space
        9. engaging in a sexual relationship with a former client
    14. Obtain written consent in advance for any physical contact at all, such as hand-holding or back-patting.

Responsibility to Practice

As a psychedelic coach, I:

    1. Recognize that ethical practices are central to my business model and hold myself to the highest standards of integrity and values.
    2. Require all my support staff and any co-facilitators I work with to adhere to this code of ethics.
    3. Commit to excellence through continued self-care, self-growth, self-examination, and personal healing.
    4. Consistently educate myself about new laws and industry regulations, engage in continuing professional education, and seek feedback from mentors as required.
    5. Refer my clients to more specialized professional advisors when their needs go beyond my current expertise.
    6. Directly address concerns regarding ethical issues and seek guidance as required.

Responsibility to Society

As a psychedelic coach, I:

    1. Believe I am part of a pivotal movement in awakening human consciousness and am therefore committed to best practices for conscious leadership.
    2. Commit to making business decisions that are in alignment with our industry’s larger mission and values and not from a place of fear, scarcity, or greed.
    3. Commit to conducting myself in a way that reflects the best on our industry.
    4. Believe that relationships are the fabric of our cultural success and commit to practicing warm-heartedness, open communication, and releasing resistance and judgments against others.
    5. Avoid discrimination by maintaining fairness and equality in all activities and operations.
    6. Honor the contributions of the indigenous traditions that inform my work.

My personal pledge:

I have read the Third Wave Ethics Pledge and agree to honor the terms for as long as I am a Third Wave Certified Coach.

As a psychedelic coach, I pledge to maintain honesty, integrity, and quality in my work from the depths of my heart and soul. I recognize that the cornerstone of success is treating all fairly, with compassion, and with a commitment to service.

Working from a place of abundance, I recognize that even my competitors can become important allies. I will identify and be a force of change if I discover practices out of alignment with our ethics.

I pledge to support the expansion of consciousness with the utmost integrity, promoting environmental, social, and financial responsibility. And I pledge to participate in a serious effort to focus the business community on these principles by sharing this message with all those in the Third Wave Community.

I understand that:

    1. Should I be implicated in a violation of any part of this Pledge, the Third Wave Ethics Committee will review my case and may revoke my Certification.
    2. I will be given the opportunity to appeal the Ethics Committee’s decision.
    3. If the Ethics Committee revokes my Certification, I will be required to remove all mentions of Third Wave Certification from all digital platforms, all forms of communication (emails, brochures, etc.), and any physical representation of my Certification, such as a framed graduation certificate or other items on display.