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Our global community empowers members, from beginners to experts, as they co-mingle and share ideas, methods, and results about their journeys at the intersections of psychedelics and personal transformation.

Join us and “find the others” who are part of this movement, connecting with over 6,000 diverse members (and growing!) at the intersection of psychedelics and personal development. Recognize the significant role that community plays in your growth and understanding of psychedelics. 

Third Wave’s Global Community

Our global community is where members, including beginners and experts, co-mingle and share ideas, methods, and results. You’ll engage in conversations about:

🍄 Mushroom growing alongside amateurs and mycologists.

🌿 Psychedelic and plant medicine experiences.

🔍 Microdosing protocols and best practices.

🌟 And so much more.

It’s not just a community; it’s a safe space to ask questions and get honest feedback. Our team, leading experts, and the rest of the community are here to support you on your journey.

Navigating Third Wave’s Community

Across Third Wave’s Community, we have Collections and Spaces set up to help you explore different aspects of psychedelic work—from microdosing protocols to growing mushrooms to the latest in psychedelic research. We also offer free weekly events, a private forum for the Psychedelic Podcast, and professional support and guidance.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll find:

  1. Community Hub: Your home for all things psychedelic. Pop in, ask questions, request feedback from your fellow psychonauts, and dive in more deeply with us around topics like research, microdosing, policy, and more.
  2. Monthly Gatherings: Each month, we host a Community Connect with one of Third Wave’s team members.
  3. Monthly Workshops: Each month, we host Live Trainings led by our partners, who we know will provide you with valuable tools to navigate the emerging industry of psychedelics and personal transformation.

We empower our members to:

✅ Introduce yourself to the community. Share your psychedelic experiences, ask questions, and connect with like-minded people.

✅ Post, comment, and share inspiring things in the newsfeed, like articles, books, events, and other recommendations. Please share generously and be quick to support other members.

✅ Join a Third Wave Community Connect — on the first Wednesday of the month, we host an online meetup with fun ice-breakers and activities to connect with your community.

✅ We also want to hear your ideas, suggestions, and recommendations for this shared space. Want to take a leadership role in the community? Please let us know.

Make Yourself at Home

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