Samuel Douglas, Ph.D

Samuel Douglas, Ph.D. is a writer, philosopher, and drug law reform, activist. Drawing on his academic background and lived experience, Samuel writes about current events in psychedelics and what they might mean for therapy, society, and the ordinary person just trying to make sense of it all. In 2021, he founded Psychedelic Overground, a business dedicated to providing psychedelic content and copywriting services that are authentic, accurate, and ethical. When not writing, teaching, or volunteering with the Australian Psychedelic Society, Samuel likes to garden and spoil his cat.

You can follow him on twitter via @beachphilosophy.

Mescaline San Pedro Preparation: How to Prepare San Pedro for Consumption
Everything you need to know to prepare a San Pedro tea for consumption.
November 12th, 2023
LSD Where and How to Find LSD?
Here we go into the risks, legalities, and best practices around sourcing LSD, and provide information on alternative options.
October 28th, 2023
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November 8th, 2021
LSD LSD & PTSD: The Case for Using LSD to Relieve PTSD
Can LSD help alleviate the suffering associated with PTSD? We go through what we know right now and what a therapeutic model might look like in future.
May 19th, 2021
LSD The History of LSD: From Hero to Villain & Back Again
While other hallucinogens impacted psychotherapy and pop culture, no psychedelic was as influential or disruptive as LSD. Here's its full history.
April 9th, 2021
Personal Development Psychedelics, Shadows, and Spiritual Bypassing
When you’re new to psychedelics, terms like “shadow work” or “spiritual bypassing” can be daunting. If this is you, don't panic!
December 7th, 2020
Microdosing Microdosing, Macrodosing, and Mindfulness
Psychedelics, at subtle microdoses or awe-inspiring macrodoses, can be similarly life-changing. What might happen if we put them together?
November 13th, 2020
Mindfulness Can Psilocybin Help Us Face Our Greatest Fears?
New studies show that psilocybin may be effective in helping us overcome existential fears.
October 14th, 2020
Harm Reduction Can Microdosing LSD Overcome Chronic Pain?
Two new and exciting pieces of research into how microdosing can impact pain and our brain's capacity to make new connections came out in the past month.
September 25th, 2020