The Psychedelic

June 13-17, 2024
Beyul Retreat Center
Aspen, Colorado

5 Days of Connection, Innovation,

and Collective Up-leveling for Psychedelic Professionals

First Legal Summit for
Psychedelic Pioneers

Third Wave presents an intimate, potent gathering of practitioners, entrepreneurs, and investors in the evolving psychedelic space. 

We believe that collaboration and innovation are key to transforming the world of psychedelics.

Through a combination of expert-led sessions, workshops, and networking circles, you will explore the emerging, cutting-edge ecosystem of psychedelics…

…while breathing crystalline air and basking in the soul-inspiring beauty of one of North America’s most stunning mountain landscapes. 

We aim for you to leave the event with a renewed sense of purpose and next-level tools to succeed at the forefront of the psychedelic movement.

The future of this industry is up to us. Let’s make it brilliant.

Go Beyond Survivalism
to Symbiosis

Healthy ecosystems thrive on cooperation and symbiosis. Each individual contributes something unique to support the resilience and health of the whole. 

This is our vision for the psychedelic space, as we each have a unique and valuable role and must pioneer the path forward.

Grow Your

Professional Mycelium

Connect with like-minded souls, create new collaborations, and discover potent synergies.

Up-level Your
Business Skills

From innovative workshops to inspiring discussions, immerse yourself in the latest developments in psychedelic facilitation, business practices, and legal liability.

Expand Your Horizons
with Visionary Leaders and World-Class Speakers

Explore the Psychedelic Future of
Holistic Wellness, Leadership,
Longevity, and Performance

Paul F. Austin

Paul F. Austin is one of the most prominent voices in the world of psychedelics. As the founder of Third Wave, he has educated millions on the importance of safe and effective psychedelic experiences. A pioneer at the intersection of microdosing, personal transformation, and professional success, he has been featured in Forbes, Rolling Stone, and the BBC’s Worklife.

Paul helps others use microdosing as a tool for professional development and increased self-awareness by treating the use of psychedelics as a skill refined through mentorship and courageous exploration.

Learning how to master this skill will be crucial in the story of humanity’s present-future evolution.

Gerard Adams

Gerard Adams is among millennials’ most influential business and leadership icons. Most popularly known as the co-founder of Elite Daily, his approach is holistic and values-based, simultaneously practical and spiritual.

Psychedelics have played a catalytic role in his personal growth and profoundly shaped his vision of the role leadership and business can play in our collective future.

Gerard has built and sold multiple 8-figure businesses, is an active investor, and now focuses his efforts not on creating wealth, but creating leaders.

Lauren Taus

Licensed as a clinical therapist in both New York and California, Lauren believes that life –- and good psychotherapy – is psychedelic.

Lauren walks between worlds.

She trained with MAPS and Phil Wolfson (godfather of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy) in the clinical application of psychedelic medicine.

On the less clinical end of the spectrum, she trained extensively as a yoga teacher and in the shamanic realms of traditional plant medicine ceremony.

She brings a deep, heart-centered, soul-inspired perspective to psychedelic work focusing on accessibility, social justice, and collective awakening to the magic of life. L

auren frequently contributes to stages at psychedelic conferences such as Meet Delic, Wonderland, and Trail Blazers. Double Blind Mag, New York Magazine, Chacruna, The Guardian, and Forbes have also featured her work.

Dan Stickler, M.D.

Dr. Dan Stickler is a leading voice in the holistic healthcare revolution, one that goes beyond chasing symptoms and helps individuals genuinely thrive. He is the Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of The Apeiron Center for Human Potential and Chief Science Officer for Apeiron Academy. He has pioneered a comprehensive approach to human wellbeing and longevity, incorporating everything from blood tests and micronutrient levels to epigenetics and brain mapping, mindset and purpose to community, and love. Dr. Stickler is an elite doctor to some of our time’s most prolific and influential entrepreneurs and influencers. Unsurprisingly, psychedelic medicines play an essential role in his vision of the future of health care. To understand the role of psychedelics in the emerging holistic longevity and peak performance paradigm, Dr. Stickler is one of the best you could hope to learn from.

Tracey Tee

As the founder and steward of Moms on Mushrooms (M.O.M.), Tracey Tee is one of the most visible mainstream advocates for psychedelics. In 2022, she launched her online community and microdosing courses created exclusively for mothers which has served over 2000 mothers in less than two years.

Since her launch, she has appeared on dozens of media outlets, including Good Morning America, NPR, and Dr. Phil and has spoken at the historic 2023 MAPS Psychedelic Science Conference, Wonderland Psychedelic Conference, The Denver Psychedelic Cup, The 21st Annual Science of Brain Mapping and Therapeutics Conference, a panel on psychedelics for Rocky Mountain PBS and more. She brings a long history of performance and media savvy to the cultural psychedelic conversation, and her work with M.O.M. directly challenges the biggest cultural misconceptions.

Tracey is dedicated to crafting a holistic, supportive container of mental and physical health resources for mothers that embodies the Sacred Feminine, gives reverence to our elders and original cultures, and hopefully acts as an example of a redefined way to engage in a consciously created a model of “doing business.”

Tim Sae Koo

Tim is a forever student devoted to the path of igniting consciousness in leaders, entrepreneurs, and creators through transformational experiences, specifically intentional plant medicine ceremonies. After founding and exiting his own start-up, he now pours his heart in service at Reunion, a not-for-profit plant medicine center in Costa Rica, where he brings his experience organizing and facilitating dozens of transformational plant medicine retreats with over 500+ leaders over the past 5+ years.
Tim loves to offer his gifts of playing medicine music and sounds in sacred ceremonies, DJ-ing ecstatic dances, and facilitating workshops and masterminds that weave spirituality into leadership, as well as holding group integration circles and 1:1 founder mentoring.
One of Tim’s bold ambitions is to share, with reverence, this sacred medicine work with our world leaders so a new paradigm in how we co-create solutions to planetary problems is done with deep respect, tenderness, reciprocity, and unconditional love.



Jeff Smith
CEO of & Supermind Platforms

Dom Farnan
Founder of DotConnect

Jake Schwartz
Co-Founder of General Assembly

Dr. Marie Mbouni
Consciousness Coach, Shaman, Speaker

Tim Sae Koo
Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, & Program Leader of Reunion Costa Rica

Joshua Kappel
Founding Partner Vicente LLP & Co-Founder of The Microdosing Collective

Nested in

Beyul Retreat Center
in Aspen, Colorado

Epic vistas support our grand visions for the future. Natural beauty harmonizes our spirits and helps us connect in a community spirit.

The Beyul Retreat Center in Aspen, Colorado, is an ideal location for gathering.

Colorado’s decriminalization of all plant medicines is the perfect soil to grow the garden of our businesses.

What to Expect

  • The pristine beauty of the rocky mountain-high
  • Crystal clear nights of star gazing and collective visioning
  • Personal and professional growth
  • New friendships and collaborations
  • Expert-led workshops, sessions, and guided discussions
  • Nature immersion experiences with San Pedro and Psilocybin Mushrooms
  • Music, performances, surprises, and site-specific experiences
  • Organic chef-curated meals and nourishing libations

An Intimate, Focused Container

Spots are limited to just 50 participants.

This helps us keep the container intimate and connected.

Who This Is For

  • Psychedelic entrepreneurs
  • Retreat or Clinic owners
  • Conscious investors
  • Psychedelic philanthropists
  • Wellness practitioners
  • Health or Executive coaches
  • Doctors
  • Holistic therapists

High Level
Daily Schedule

Microdose + Flow – start your mornings with plant allies + meditation, cold plunge in the Frying Pan river, breathwork, movement, sauna hangs and mountain trails

Keynotes, panels, breakout sessions, workshops, masterminds, community building & nature immersion

Family style dinner & discussions, depth, connection, fireside chats, immersive experiences under the stars, ceremony, ritual and more community


Early bird price for
this all-inclusive mastermind

begins at


*Discount given at checkout

Just click the button below to claim your room.

*Room capacity is limited and pricing may change based on the type of rooms still available.

Join Us
At the Forefront of the Psychedelic Renaissance

Together, we can pioneer and co-create a truly vibrant, thriving, safe, and high-integrity future for psychedelic medicine.
One that honors the many paths it offers.


  • Accommodations at Beyul Retreat, located on 32 acres of lush land along the Frying Pan River, nestled within the White River National Forest
  • Access to all event programming, including morning wellness experiences, talks, workshops, culinary experiences, evening events, and musical performances.
  • Access to the pre-event zoom call: meet and connect with other attendees before joining on this intimate retreat.
  • Nourishing communal meals and beverages, including water, coffee, tea and nonalcoholic drinks served throughout the day. Beer and wine are not included but are available for purchase.
  • Access to the hot tub and sauna 24/hours

Note: Transportation is not included in the event ticket fee, although we’ve arranged a shuttle service from Aspen Regional Airport (ASE) that can be booked separately.

Beyul Retreat is located in Meredith, Colorado. The closest airport to fly into is Aspen Airport (ASE), an hour away from the property. We’ve arranged shuttle service from ASE on June 13 & 17 at the below times for $75/way. If you cannot make either of the shuttle times, please contact [email protected], and we will do our best to arrange an alternate time. 

If you prefer to drive, you can also rent a car from ASE, or fly into Denver International Airport (DEN), which is about 4 hours away.  
If you rent a car and want to carpool, you can sign up for rideshare here.

Aspen Airport Shuttle Schedule

Exact dates will be announced soon.

Retreat Address
26604 Frying Pan Rd
Meredith, CO, 81642

Exact dates will be announced soon.

Yes, there will be gluten-free and vegan options at each meal.

We are here to help. Please reach out to our team at [email protected] with any questions.

Beyul is a casual, wilderness retreat center that spans 32 acres along the Frying Pan River, nestled within the White River National Forest.

We encourage guests to wear comfortable clothing and footwear. At 8300 ft, the mountain weather can fluctuate throughout the day, so we recommend that you bring layers and a jacket as we will be both inside for workshops and outside in nature and around the fire in the evenings. A hot tub and sauna are open 24 hours onsite, so bring your bathing suit as well.

Seating is a mix of floor cushions, backjacks and chairs. If you have any special requirements, please reach out.

Beyul provides toiletries in the rooms but does not provide hairdryers. Additional products are available for purchase in the gift shop in the lobby.

Internet is available inside the main lodge and the main event space, which we will be gathering all weekend for talks, wellness, and workshops.

If there is someone that you would like to share a room with, please specify upon reserving your spot, and we will do our best to accommodate.

Our goal is to ensure that we provide a seamless experience for all of our retreat guests and that everyone can access all areas of the property.
We have one accessible cabin, The Aspen Lodge, featuring an ADA-compliant bathroom with a standard tub/shower with safety bars. However, the bathroom does not include a roll-in shower. We also offer a visual and tactile alert device, doorbell, alarm clock and Braille-labeled room numbers.
We encourage all guests with disabilities or mobility concerns to contact us to discuss room options, property layout, and specifications.

There will not be a macrodose ceremony. There will be optional microdose activities.

We know that sometimes things come up, and unexpected events can keep you from going on a planned trip. If you’re sure you can’t make it to the retreat, we can roll your deposit into another Third Wave event in the future.

Invitations are restricted to Psychedelic Coaching Institute students and alumni, sponsors and Third Wave faculty and staff at this time. Additional spaces may be available for industry professionals, which are vetted by the Third Wave team. If you have a guest that you would like to invite, please contact Brittany at [email protected]

We do not offer an affiliate commission for inviting guests to the mastermind.