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1:1 coaching and cutting edge education
to heal, optimize, and evolve

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Accelerate your

personal, spiritual,

and professional growth

Psychedelics require your active participation.

With the right framework, psychedelics can empower healing, behavior change, and higher levels of performance.

The way you apply this medicine is entirely individual and unique to your life situation:

→ Release challenging emotions and deepen self-awareness

→ Cultivate powerful new skills to disrupt patterns of numbing, avoidance, and addiction

→ Understand and weed out the deep roots of self-sabotage and doubt

→ Discover new found clarity, direction, and purpose

→ Reconnect to joy, beauty, and flow

→ Break through inner blocks to inspire and reinvigorate your life

This program will teach you how to use the skill of psychedelics for your goals and support your tranformational journey.

1:1 Coaching

Every Step of

Your Journey

Everyone’s experience with psychedelics is unique.

We all have different wounds, beliefs, stuck patterns, desires, goals, and areas we want to focus on. These will all shape your journey through this transformational program.

To fully support your process and goals, you get four 1:1 coaching sessions with a Third Wave Certified coach.

Trust, reliability, and safety are critical to working with psychedelics, and we take this work very seriously.

Third Wave coaches are fully trained, professional coaches committed to you and your process.

Comprehensive Exploration of the Psychedelic Landscape

Previously, Third Wave focused exclusively on microdosing. As the cultural acceptance of psychedelics has expanded, so has our curriculum.

While microdosing is still a fundamental component of this program, we’ve added more material and extra modules covering macrodoses, psychedelic coaching, and transpersonal states, along with a much wider spectrum of medicines, applications, and proven methodologies.

But there’s a second piece, and that’s social accountability and community.

Quickly and Ethically Find Your Medicine With Third Wave’s Ultimate Guide to Sourcing Psychedelics

One of the most common questions we receive is about how to source medicine for microdosing.

We put together everything we know about ethically––and legally––sourcing medicines into a single resource.

It covers everything from little known plant medicines, legal alternatives, vendor recommendations, and more.

What You Get in Personalized Psychedelic Coaching

  • 4 live one to one Coaching sessions with a certified Third Wave Coach
  • Third Wave’s Ultimate Guide to Safely Sourcing Psychedelic Medicines
  • Transformational Breathwork Ceremony
  • Private Slack Community for Connection and Support
  • Lifetime Access to Third Wave’s Member’s Forum
  • Library of Expert Interviews
  • Ceremony Guide

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