Upcoming Microdosing Events

With microdosing on the rise, organised events like this one are blossoming around the world. Often run by local psychedelic societies, these get-togethers are an excellent chance to talk about the benefits of microdosing, and will allow you to make connections with the psychedelic community.

These events will follow a typical structure: often you will start by getting to know the people around you, maybe by talking about your experiences or expectations. There will follow a talk or lecture on microdosing held by someone who has some expertise. This will lead to a panel discussion with several volunteers who will talk about their microdosing experiences. There’ll be a session for questions, then you’ll be free to socialize and start making connections!

These are some of the upcoming microdosing events around the world – don’t miss out!

  1. Amsterdam: March 26
  2. Copenhagen: April 8
  3. Berlin: April 9
  4. Stockholm: April 13 (Tentative date – details coming)
  5. Bay Area: April 20 (Tentative date – details coming)
  6. Portland: April 29 (Tentative date – details coming)

If you would like to participate in one of these events, please send Paul an e-mail at [email protected]. We are looking for volunteers to openly discuss their experiences with microdosing.

Also, if you live in Europe, and you want to openly talk about your microdosing experience, please send me an e-mail. I’m working with a TV program in the Netherlands to do a program on microdosing.


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