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Psychedelics are one of humanity’s most effective tools for personal growth and healing.

Like any tool, it can be used skillfully, poorly, or destructively.

At Third Wave, we believe the responsible, skillful use of microdosing can help anyone live a more connected, more authentic, more creative, and more inspired life.

We created this free microdosing mini-course to give you the most essential information you need to begin a mindful microdosing practice.

What you will discover

in the mini-course:

  • What is microdosing and why it has so many benefits
  • How to choose the right psychedelic medicine for you
  • What you need to know about health, safety, and legal risks before you get started
  • Discover your options for legally sourcing your medicine
  • A detailed walk-through of how to prepare and accurately dose for best results
  • Your microdosing protocol options and why timing matters




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Voices From Our Community

After microdosing I became a better mother. I have deeper connections with kids, less stress and more harmony at home. I’m more empathic to their needs and more communicative of my needs in a caring and calm way.

Jennifer M.

It’s really important to educate yourself and prepare before microdosing. But if you do that and start your day with a microdose and do some fitness, dance… it’s just a f*cking good day! Smiles, dancing, and good vibes only!

Ivan N., 37
PR and Marketing

I struggled with severe depression for 10 years. I tried every medication, and therapy out there. Even electroshock therapy. Nothing helped. After microdosing, I’ve honestly never felt better in my life. So grateful to Third Wave for putting this course out there.

Max T., 28

The Microdosing Course relieved so much stress and helped me dip into the world of psychedelics in a gentle, safe, and intentional way. I felt a consistent sense of calm, acceptance, and appreciation for my life.

Sam K., 28
Massage Therapist

Since microdosing I’m more mindful of my reactions and have a greater sense of conscious choice in how I respond to the daily challenges of life.

Catherine, 50

Microdosing with Third Wave’s guidance, I feel so much better overall. I was even able to quit taking my antidepressants after 7 years!

Jasmijn N., 34

I felt more relaxed and in-tune with what I was working on when I was microdosing. It allowed me to concentrate on my coding and not worry about distractions. I’m convinced microdosing is the future! Thank you Third Wave!

Jeff B.

Microdosing ‘kicked’ me out of my rut of repetitive negative thought patterns, easing my depression and anxiety. I felt a sense of elated mood and it helped me with focus. I had a certain openness and confidence that was noticeably different.

Mina A.

The inner critical voice, which can be so debilitating, goes quiet and I feel more in my body. My world expands and love has a way in.

Lisa M.

I want to be free of that constant anxiety and that feeling of rejecting myself over and over and over again. I want to be present. I want to be enjoying my life, I want to melt into my husband and feel his presence and his love. Microdosing helped with all of it.


I am much more present to the subtleties of how I show up in my relationship. I definitely have more empathy and emotional intelligence since microdosing. It’s been so helpful for my relationships.

John B.

Third Wave was probably the most helpful resource that I’ve come across. I feel like my depression is completely lifted when I’m microdosing, especially the day of and the day after. I just get so much more done!

Samantha C.

I’ve lost 20 pounds, I have had a significant new relationship with art, music, my general anxiety has dropped so significantly like it’s unrecognizable. It’s been just bananas.

Maurice T.