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Join us for our ongoing series of free immersive live trainings, workshops, and webinars. Whether you’re a Curious Beginner, Active Explorer, or Seasoned Professional, there’s something for every level of experience.

Dive deep into topics ranging from the Art and Science of High-Dose Psilocybin Ceremonies to the top Emerging Careers to explore in the psychedelic space to integration methods and science-based microdosing protocols

Plus exclusive trainings from thought leaders, experts, and pioneering organizations in the psychedelic field you cannot find anywhere else.

Gain practical insights and tools to enhance your psychedelic experiences, navigate psychedelics more skillfully, and accelerate your transformation.

But the training is just the beginning…

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As a member of Third Wave’s private community, you’ll discover a safe, anonymous space to connect with over 6000 conscious, heart-centered individuals who share your passion for growth and exploration.

  • Meet like-minded peers to openly discuss your experiences, concerns, questions, and visions. 
  • Get informed expert feedback on your most important questions from our team
  • Advice from experienced mycologist for growing your own mushrooms 
  • Free integration support 
  • Ultimate guides to psychedelic and plant medicines
  • “Happy Hours” to connect live with community members
  • Free trainings and workshops to level-up your skills
  • Active moderation of all forums to keep out trolls, scammers, and bots

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Support your path of discovery by connecting with a diverse community committed to personal growth and evolution. 

It’s an incubator to grow your digital mycelium and connect with like-minded souls. 

Whether you’re just beginning your exploration or have journeyed far and wide…

…there’s a place for you here.

What to Expect

  1. Immersive Live Trainings
    Led by industry leaders, our live trainings provide invaluable tools and insights to navigate the emerging landscape of psychedelics, professional training, and personal transformation.
  2. Inspired and Supportive Community
    Engage in vibrant discussions, share experiences, and seek guidance from a global network of passionate individuals dedicated to psychedelic exploration and personal development.
  3. Safe, Respectful Space
    We moderate all the discussions so everyone can safely explore what psychedelic medicines have to offer, free of judgment.
  4. Exclusive Content and Resources
    Access expert advice, integration support, and a treasure trove of resources to enhance your psychedelic journey.

Whether you’re seeking knowledge, support, or a connected community, you’ll find it all here.

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