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Below you will find a list of upcoming events that support the availability and legality of psychedelics in the community. These events are a great way to meet like-minded individuals who are fighting for the acceptance of responsible psychedelic use in mainstream culture.

Return To Nature Ganja Retreat
May 17–May 20, 2019 5278 Amundsen Road, Kaslo, BC

This retreat is for those looking to get away from the busy buzz of everyday life and recharge their batteries with the help of Nature and Cannabis in a pristine set and setting, with yoga teacher and cannabis advocate, Celina Archambault. The retreat will be a balanced blend of gentle yoga and mindful movement (no yoga experience needed), guided meditations, ceremonies, nutritious food, powerful nature surroundings and lots of free time to do what you please (Kayaks, an outdoor cedar hot tub and sauna, the forest and a cozy bed await you).

The retreat will be elevated and enhanced with options for a variety of plant medicines. Cannabis will be offered as an option in different doses and varieties throughout the retreat. It is not mandatory to have any Cannabis, however, if you have never experienced Cannabis in a ceremonial setting, this is a powerful way to learn how to come into deeper states of consciousness. With some help from silencing our minds with nature and the right set and setting, we can hear ourselves better and connect to information or guidance that we have for ourselves. The Ceremonies will take place in the majestic cedar maloca.

Farm to table chef-prepared meals (some of it grown organically the land) will be shared on the patio overlooking the mountains and lake. Rooms are luxurious, with a variety of different sizes and the option to bring your own tent and camp in the forest and use the indoor facilities is available as well!

Queering Psychedelics
June 1–June 2, 2019

9 am to 6 pm.

This 2-day conference is part of Chacruna’s Women, Gender Diversity, and Sexual Minorities speaker series. It highlights the voices of queer visionaries within the psychedelic community as well as examines the history of psychedelics from queer and non-binary perspectives. As the so-called psychedelic renaissance reaches a pivotal moment of mainstream interest and regulatory legitimacy, it is vital that traditionally under-represented communities share a seat at the table and have their voices heard so as to ensure access to all the benefits that psychedelics and plant medicine offer. Additionally, it is vital that queer spaces be established for exploring the unique needs, gifts, and strengths that LGBTQI communities bring to psychedelics and psychedelic medicine.

Promotion: Chacruna

Co-Sponsors: MAPSSoltara, Temple of the Way of the LightPsychedelic Society of Minneapolis and Rainforest Healing Center

Breaking Convention 2019
August 16–August 18, 2019

Breaking Convention is a biennial multidisciplinary confernece on psychedelic consciousness, featuring more than 150 presenters from around the world. Europe’s largest conference on psychedelic consciousness, Breaking Convention is now approaching its eighth year. Breaking Convention is a truly multi-faceted festival selling nearly a thousand tickets in forty countries and offering the latest ground-breaking research and insights across human and social sciences, law, politics, art, history and philosophy. Spanning three full days, Breaking Convention features numerous workshops, awards, an art exhibition, and films.

If you have any questions about this event, please contact the organizers by clicking “Message Host” on the Facebook event page.

Awaken The Medicine Within Retreat
September 11–September 15, 2019 Ibiza

During this 5- day intimate immersion journey, in the lush vortex of Ibiza, you will experience a journey into the depth of your being, awakening you to the remarkable medicine within. Join us on a journey with Bufo Alvarius 5MeO-DMT with full remembrance and reconnection with the Source within and internalize this truth to become the master of your mind and director of your life.


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