Shelley DeMarco

Shelley DeMarco is a life long entrepreneur, from the early age of 11 making fabric samples at the family textile business in New York City’s garment district to creating and running her own application development company in the early 00’s. She is passionate about developing and driving solutions and providing value. After many years leading high profile projects for Fortune 50 companies, she joined The Third Wave as Curriculum Program Manager.

Additionally, Shelley has been a coach and mentor for over 20 years. Most recently she graduated as part of the first cohort of The Third Wave’s Psychedelic Coaching Certification. She works in energy healing, is an ordained minister and member of Oviates, Bards, & Druids incorporating spiritual ritual and ceremony into her practice. She is an avid adventurer, triathlete and traveler, spending much of her free time outdoors with her husband, four children and granddaughter at the National Parks in Utah and Arizona.