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This Summit is packed with incredible content and conversations you can’t hear anywhere else. With lifetime access, you won’t miss a minute of the exciting exploration of the synergies between psychedelics, coaching, and human potential.

Exclusive Q&A With Third Wave Founder Paul F. Austin

Participate in a private Q&A discussion with Third Wave founder Paul F. Austin. From the future of finance to applications of psychedelics, this is your opportunity to create meaningful discussion on the frontier of psychedelics and culture.

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Third Wave’s Microdosing Course

$197 value

Third Wave takes a holistic approach to microdosing. This course gives you the ability to learn the skill of microdosing to achieve your unique goals. It includes specific guidance on your first 30 days, suggested activities, journaling prompts, and “experiments” to grow, heal, and transform on your journey. Whether you’re an anxious beginner or a seasoned microdoser, this system will take your microdosing to the next level.

Third Wave’s Ultimate Guide to Safely Sourcing Psychedelic Medicine

$97 value

The single greatest challenge for most people who want to explore psychedelics is acquiring medicine without putting themselves at legal risk. This 80+ page guide is a compendium of legal alternatives, little-known plants you can find at garden shops, easy-to-create recipes, and much, much more.


  • Full access to all Summit sessions
  • Q&A sessions with select speakers
  • Immersive live experiences with our guest artists
  • Lifetime access to all session recordings ($197 Value)
  • Third Wave’s Microdosing Course ($197 Value)
  • Third Wave’s Ultimate Guide to Safely Sourcing Psychedelic Medicine ($97 Value)
  • Exclusive Q&A session with Third Wave Founder Paul F. Austin