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Microdosing Experience

Transformational 6 Week Coaching Program to Eliminate Distractions, Connect to Purpose, and Generate Your Breakthrough

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Transmuting the Fires of 2020

In the most intense year of our time, many of us now live in a state of perpetual anxiety.

Division. Disruption. Disconnection. Everywhere you look the world is intensifying.

Communities broken. Habits and routines destroyed. Communication breakdowns. Economic uncertainty.

If psychedelics teach us anything about personal growth and transformation, it’s that crises create an inner opening.

And if you choose…

This potent moment can become your gateway to healing, growth and transformation.

It is an opportunity to…

  • Process challenging and confusing emotions of isolation
  • Finally break old patterns of numbing, avoidance, and addiction
  • Pull out the deep roots of self-sabotage and doubt
  • Discover new found clarity, direction, and purpose
  • Reconnect to joy, beauty, and flow
  • Eliminate stagnation to inspire and reinvigorate your life

You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

One of the most powerful actions we can take in this period of disconnection is to reconnect at a new level with like minded souls, lifting each other up into a lighter, more integrated, and holistic way of being.

Psychedelics are a powerful tool for accelerated personal, spiritual and professional growth…

…but you need to use them in the right way.

It’s all too easy to get distracted and bypass or ignore uncomfortable truths you need to feel.

According to leading microdosing researcher Dr. James Fadiman, both structure and guidance are critical to healing and growth through psychedelic use.

The Microdosing Experience

October 4th – November 8th

This is a live 6 week transformational group coaching program using microdosing and intentional ceremony as tools for accelerated growth:

Personally, Professionally, and Spiritually. 

Our program unfolds in 3 phases:

  • Phase 1 is preparation, with a focus on creating clarity, group connection and preparing for a breakthrough experience.
  • Phase 2 is a guided breathwork ceremony to take you deeper into yourself, catalyzing your breakthrough experience.
  • Phase 3 is perhaps the most important: integration of your breakthrough ceremony with microdosing, coaching guidance and community support.

Through our Microdosing Experience, we will help you ground your new insights, connections, and perspectives to improve the quality of your day-to-day life.

This leads to a broad range of benefits that may last long after the medicine is gone, including:

  • Elevated mood
  • Reduced general and social anxiety
  • Eliminating symptoms of depression
  • Heightened focus and concentration
  • Increased creativity, openness, and curiosity
  • Greater self-confidence and motivation
  • Improved mental and physical energy 
  • Deeper sense of connection and empathy
  • Sharpened mental clarity, memory, and problem solving
  • Physical enhancement (sharper senses, greater endurance, reduction of migraines)
  • Pain reduction equal to pharmaceutical pain killers


Integrating Cutting-Edge Research on Psychedelic Transformation and Healing

Drawing upon Third Wave’s extensive network of researchers, therapists, and coaches, The Microdosing Experience is intentionally designed to create powerful, long-lasting transformations in your life.

Each week you will have a group coaching call focusing on a different theme with a weekly Q&A to optimize your microdosing experience.

Here’s how the program is organized:

Week 1: Clarifying Purpose

Purpose, desire, and intention fuel our personal growth and evolution. Psychedelics are substances that make you highly suggestible to change. In leveraging thought exercises and journaling prompts, we help you move closer to authentic purpose and deep desire.

Week 2: Eliminate Distractions

Where attention goes, energy flows. By mindfully pruning away external distractions as preparation for your breakthrough ceremony, we generate more energy to fuel your goals and intentions.

Week 3: Setting Your North Star with a Breakthrough Ceremony

Breathwork ceremony is a potent catalyst for healing, transformation, and visionary inspiration. We will guide you to create safe, sacred space at your own location. With the power of breath and sound, you will enter into an altered state and uncover your new North Star.

Week 4: Vulnerability and Accountability

The Breakthrough Ceremony can stir up repressed emotions and powerful realizations. It takes time for us to fully process and understand the meaning and value of the experience. By being vulnerable and holding space for the community, we rediscover how to be a whole person.

Week 5: Integration

Unless we actively integrate our Ceremony experience, the lessons, the truths, and the visions can fade away like a dream. Drawing from time-tested practices of transformational psychotherapy, we help you ground your insights into your daily life.

Week 6: Sustainability

What you discover in The Microdosing Experience is just the beginning. We will show you how to forge your path forward, building on the momentum you created to take full ownership of your future.

“More Resilient, Motivated, Creative, and Joyful”

What past participants say about The Microdosing Experience
Verushka C
Microdosing Experience Student
``Microdosing psilocybin has opened my mind to new possibilities. Psilocybin has reconnected me with my positive feelings of happiness, gratitude and joy. I feel free, like I can think outside of the box, be more creative and express more positive feelings!``
Microdosing Experience Student
``The course was beneficial to me mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Being able to connect with people from other countries during a pandemic, helped me to feel less isolated and a part of a global experience. In doing this one can see how the change in thoughts of self, change how we see others and our/their place in the world we share.``
Emma J
Microdosing Experience Student
``I am now confident to move forward with microdosing as a skill to support me in my life in new ways. I know myself better and know where I am going next. I have a network of people, experts and information and knowledge that I can access when I need it for life. Thank you Paul!``

What you get:
  • Six Group Coaching Calls
  • Three Masterclasses
  • Third Wave’s Microdosing Course 2.0
  • Breakthrough Ceremony
  • Private Slack Community
  • Private Online Forum
  • Expert interviews
  • Lifetime Access & Course Updates
  • Ceremony Booklet


Organizations & Non-Profits

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Our Five Pillars for Safe, Sustainable Transformation

We designed this program to be both gentle and powerful. Each of the 5 pillars of the program plays an important role in your experience.

Let’s look at how the different elements of the program work together:

Coaching, Community, Breakthrough Ceremony, Structured Microdosing, and Integration.

Deepening Connection and Growth Through Group Coaching

Microdosing loosens up our usual filters and judgments. It opens our hearts to deeper and more authentic ways of relating –– both to ourselves and others. That’s why going through this process as a group is so valuable.

Our individual journeys are reflected and amplified by the tribes we participate in.

Group dynamics help us support each other, to learn from each other’s challenges, and to better understand both ourselves and humanity.

The group acts as a growth accelerator.

And more importantly, after months of lockdown and social distancing you have the opportunity to create deeper, more authentic connections with others who understand your experience.

Safe Space for Open Conversation Without Risking Your Reputation

As part of the Microdosing Experience, you get access to our private Slack group so you can connect, share, and support each other away from the prying eyes of social media algorithms.

This is a safe and secure space. You can openly discuss your process, concerns, and questions without fear of judgement or reputational risk.

Plus, you’ll get lifetime access to Third Wave’s private membership community so you can continue connect with like-minded souls long after the program’s close.

Safe space is especially important in our current climate of culture polarization and fracturing.

Peak Experience With Breathwork Ceremony

The Microdosing Experience builds momentum towards your own personal breakthrough ceremony.

If you choose, this is an opportunity to have a macrodose experience with your own medicine. We will provide you with the guidance, and resources to help you create an optimal home environment for your experience.

This includes a powerful group breathwork and sound ceremony experience led by Sonic Shamanic.

Breathwork is an ancient practice. Its modern resurgence was developed by Stan Grof, the godfather of LSD psychotherapy following the onset of psychedelic prohibition.

With driving music and deep rhythmic breathing can create a powerful altered state of consciousness almost identical to a macrodose psychedelic experience.

Facilitated By Master Musicians and Guides

Our guest facilitators are Sonic Shamanic, master musicians and highly experienced guides for journeys into altered states.

They will guide you to create a sacred space at your own location where we will all go through a breakthrough experience together.

The Microdosing Experience helps you make the most from your experience with a powerful combination of guided preparation, expert coaching, community support, and microdosing creates the perfect container for deep work and personal realization.

This is the turning point in Third Wave’s Microdosing Experience program.

Integration and Optimization for Lasting Transformation

After the ceremony, we will focus on integrating your experience and moving forward with positive action.

This is where most programs fail.

Integration is an essential step to ensure your ceremony isn’t just “another experience”. Instead, you will have the necessary traction to creating positive, sustainable changes in your life.

Harnessing the Power of Structured Microdosing

A structured microdosing protocol helps you sustain the afterglow of the ceremony for weeks instead of days.

It is a powerful tool to help bring the experience of the ceremony into your daily life.

Our process is designed from the ground up with input from counselors and psychologists for sustainable transformation and accelerated growth. But the journey doesn’t stop there.

The next step is ongoing optimization.

With coaching and direct feedback, we will help you zero in on what works best for you. After all, our goal is to help you cultivate the skill of microdosing.

That way you can continue our own self-directed journey with microdosing for emotional healing, accelerated growth, enhanced creativity, and higher performance.

Meet Your Guide:
Paul F. Austin

Paul F. Austin is the founder of Third Wave, the world’s most trusted resource about microdosing.

After several meaningful experiences with psychedelics, Paul set out to change the cultural conversation around these powerful compounds, helping others experience the power of psychedelic medicine for themselves.

His work has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, BBC, and dozens of other leading publications.

Paul has worked with hundreds of individuals, coaching them on how to utilize microdosing protocols to heal, grow, and optimize their lives.

After working intimately with the worlds’ best psychedelic researchers, therapists, entrepreneurs, scientists, and luminaries, Paul has condensed and combined the best practices of what he has learned into The Microdosing Experience.

Paul austin
Mark S.
Microdosing Experience Student
``Paul is a vanguard in this space. He's incredibly knowledgable about the process and benefits and has such a gentle soul and a reassuring approach to this topic.``
Jurene F.
Microdosing Experience Student
``It’s very clear to me that Third Wave and Paul Austin do their research and knows their sh*t. Paul himself is an old soul and it’s clear that he practices what he preaches. When someone engages with their work on a deeply personal level, that creates enormous credibility in my mind.``
Microdosing Experience Student
``Paul is a pioneer who has been consistently putting out some of the best stories and conversations around microdosing to help drive this social movement. His commitment to revealing the truth of what this medicine can do for humanity has been a north start that's guided Third Wave to become the organization it is today.``

BONUS: Three Master Classes with Our Special Guest Coaches

What You Want Is A Choice with Geo Hanzlik

Geo is executive and performance coach, psychotherapist, facilitator, and wilderness guide with extensive experience with plant medicine. In this masterclass, we will challenge your most basic assumptions to discover what you really want out of life.

Creating Calm in the Chaos with Dr. Jennifer Rivlin, PhD

Dr. Rivlin is a leadership psychologist with a jaw-dropping list of clients in the Fortune 500. Now she is focused on using psychedelics to develop the next generation of leaders. In this class, you will learn how to create pockets of harmony through deep connection. Even in chaos.

Integrating All of Your Parts with Dr. Kaveh Kavoosi, M.D.

As an emergency room doctor Dr. Kaveh Kavoosi has stitched together a lot of broken bodies. True wholeness, however, comes from integrating all our inner parts. This deep dive into the Internal Family Systems will give you a powerful tool for deeper integration and healing in your Microdosing Experience.

Optimize Your Experience With
Third Wave’s Microdosing Course

Psychedelics are unique because their effect is dependent on context and intention, often referred to as “set and setting.”

Because microdosing is sub-perceptual

…structure, tracking, and guidance are even more important to get the full benefits. 

That’s why you also get access to Third Wave’s Official Microdosing Course as part of your purchase.

This is everything you need to know about microdosing.

You’ll get:

  • The ins and outs of optimizing the microdosing experience for your personal needs and goals
  • First access to emerging frameworks for using a data-driven approach for microdosing (including which tools are best to use)
  • Our custom microdosing workbook so you can track the metrics that matter and optimize your microdosing protocol to your needs.
  • How to choose the right psychedelic substance for your microdosing protocol
  • Leveraging the synergistic (and often misunderstood) relationship between microdosing and macrodosing
  • Access to our private Expert Library, with over 20 hours of candid interviews from luminaries of the psychedelic renaissance
  • Online Course
  • Instructional videos
  • Private Forum
  • Expert Interviews
  • Workbook


How to Ethically, Legally, and Safely Source Your Medicine

One of the most common questions we receive is about how to source medicine for microdosing.

As a part of our microdosing course, you also get a special module specifically about sourcing medicine and legal concerns.

We will provide insight into how you can discreetly get the materials you need for microdosing.

What our community says about their Microdosing Experience

Sandi C., Third Wave Microdosing Experience Student

Mark S., Third Wave Microdosing Experience Student

The Microdosing Experience Program Details

This is the most comprehensive program we offer at Third Wave.

The program runs: Oct 4th – Nov 8th

Coaching calls will happen each Sunday and last approximately 90 minutes. We will have one call at 2 pm EST and one call at 7 pm EST. (You will be able to specify which one you want to choose when you register.)

Here’s everything you will get when you join the program.

  • Six Group Coaching Calls
  • Three Masterclasses
  • Access to Third Wave’s Microdosing Course
  • Breakthrough Ceremony
  • Private Slack Community for connectionLifetime Access to Third Wave’s
  • Member’s Forum
  • Expert Interviews
  • Ceremony Booklet

An Exclusive Opportunity With Limited Availability

In order to serve you at our highest ability, the Microdosing Experience Program is limited to just 50 people. This is as large as we can make it without sacrificing the intimacy and authentic connection essential to the process.

If you feel in your heart that this program is the right fit, we encourage you to act quickly.

The deadline to register is midnight on Oct 3!

Your Golden Window of Opportunity

We are living in a remarkable moment in history. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity of global transition and shift.

This is a golden window of opportunity to cut through the confusion and chaos of the external world and go within, and emerge stronger, lighter, happier, and more inspired.

It all comes down to choice.

You can choose to continue with your routine, and just wait around until the world goes back to “normal.” You can choose to figure out microdosing all on your own, without any outside perspective, without any community support, without any guidance to help you through the inevitable challenges.

Or, you can choose to go all-in and transform this situation into an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth.

You can choose a path with support, guidance, and community. You can choose to join together, to go through a transformational process as a tribe.

The choice, of course, is yours.

A Note On Our Intake Process

Once you complete your payment, we will send you an intake form. This is an important and required part of the process. The intake form helps us understand your current situation, your goals, and your experience with psychedelic medicine.

Based on your responses we will adapt the course curriculum and coaching framework to fit your needs.

If for any reason we feel that you may not be a good fit for the program, we reserve the right to cancel your enrollment and issue a full refund.


What you get:
  • Six Group Coaching Calls
  • Three Masterclasses
  • Third Wave’s Microdosing Course 2.0
  • Breakthrough Ceremony
  • Private Slack Community
  • Private Online Forum
  • Expert interviews
  • Lifetime Access & Course Updates
  • Ceremony Booklet


Organizations & Non-Profits

Looking to educate your staff? We got you!
Inquire at [email protected]


What if I can’t find the actual substance for microdosing? Will the course provide for me?

What if I can’t attend one of the calls?

What if I’ve already done a microdosing protocol?

What if I’ve never done psychedelics before?

Are there any conditions or reasons why I shouldn’t take the course?

Why are you doing breathwork instead of a macrodose of psychedelics for the ceremony?