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What Is The Third Wave?


What Is The Third Wave?


The focus of The Third Wave is to change the cultural understanding and acceptance of psychedelic use

For this reason, our mission has 3 key intentions


1. Contribute to the ongoing re-evaluation of psychedelic substances using all available information

2. Provide high-quality resources useful to both the psychedelic novice and seasoned psychonaut

3. Incubate online and in-person psychedelic community for people to share and learn from their experiences



Psychedelics have been demonized by society for too many years. Because of the irresponsible consumption of psychedelics in the 1960s, an entire generation lost out on the potential life-changing power of psychedelic use. 

One of our focal points at The Third Wave is to inform and educate individuals about the benefit-cost relationship with psychedelic use. We aim to provide the full spectrum of facts about psychedelics so users can approach these substances with respect, reverence, and understanding. 

So far, users who have microdosed with LSD and Magic Mushrooms reported improved productivity and creativity, and a propensity for higher levels of innovation.

Users have also reported more emotional balance, a higher level of resonance with life intentions, and improved focus and mood.

But the benefits aren't limited to microdoses. 

When users consume a moderate amount of psychedelics, they experience a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Unity or oneness with nature
  • Better understanding of their purpose in life
  • Impetus to turn away from material goods as a way of finding fulfillment

There have also been numerous success stories about the therapeutic use of psychedelics, especially with alcoholism, victims of PTSD, end of life comfort, and general psychotherapy.

With all this being said, psychedelics have caused numerous bad trips - and if not taken within an appropriate context, can sometimes cause irreparable harm (see our article on the 6 S's for more about context).

If you wish to join our community and help us begin to change the cultural understanding of psychedelic use, please sign up for our newsletter by clicking below:


Who Is Leading The Third Wave?

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Paul Austin - Founder

As an entrepreneur and avid psychedelic explorer, Paul believes in the power of rational dialogue and community engagement in stripping away the stigma around psychedelic use.

He understands the power of responsible psychedelic use in aiding psycho-spiritual development, and believes in sharing this message with others.

When not ruminating on his next psychedelic project, Paul enjoys traveling, reading, and spending time outside.



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Brian Pace - Lead Writer

A scientist by training and traveler by inclination, Brian’s interests orbit around contentious aspects of science and society: genetic technology, food security, climate change, and psychedelics.

His interest in biology was piqued early on while experimenting with his own neurochemistry.

In 2015, he had the honor of co-creating the review class Cannabis: Past, present, and future cultivation for fiber, food, and medicine at The Ohio State University.

He has an MS in Plant Evolutionary Ecology and is wrapping up a PhD in the same at OSU. 


Eden - Writer and Contributor

Eden believes that people should experience incredible things. It's healthy, he thinks, to be proven wrong, rendered speechless, or left deeply convinced, or not convinced, about one's beliefs. 

He also believes that psychedelics are one of many vehicles out there that offer such profound experiences. 

So he works for the psychedelic cause as an un-tarnisher of tools that can bring on life-changing moments.