Third Wave’s

Ultimate Guide

to Safely Sourcing


Find The Right Medicine for Your Journey

The single greatest challenge for most people who want to explore psychedelics?

Finding medicine.

Who can you trust? What do you look for? Where do you even start?

It can be confusing and potentially risky.

Harm Reduction

and Empowerment

We believe it is every human’s right to explore their consciousness with these powerful medicines in a safe, responsible, and intentional way.

By providing clear, honest, accurate information unclouded by jargon or mystical overtones, this guide is designed to help you safely explore these sacred substances.

Our aim is to empower safe personal growth––whatever that looks like for you.

Third Wave does not condone breaking local laws.
Our aim is to help you stay safe in today’s hyperconnected world by sharing clear steps, precautions, and caveats.

Your Map To the

Vast World of

Psychedelic Medicines

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Psychedelic medicines come in all kinds of forms: seeds, cacti, roots, powders, extracts, leaves, secretions, fungus, purified crystal precipitates, even inexpensive (and legal) synthetic alternatives.

And you can find them in all kinds of places:

Garden shops, websites, regular pharmacies (in a few countries), religious stores… even eBay.

You just have to know what you’re looking for.

Peek Inside This 80+ Page Guide:

Plant Medicines

Psychedelic plant medicines have been a part of the human story for millenia. We’ll walk you through the world of plant medicines and where to find them.

  • How to find powerful plant medicines in unexpected places, from foraging to your local garden store.
  • Powerful plant combinations that can deepen and amplify any psychedelic experience.
  • Creative ways to source, grow, and store magic mushrooms
  • Inexpensive plants with LSD-like effects
  • 3 psychedelic medicines you can legally buy on eBay

Synthetic Medicines Research Chemicals

A thriving underground developed dozens of alternatives to the classic psychedelics of LSD and psilocybin.

Get our best recommendations and where to get them.

  • Little known alternatives to MDMA and ketamine
  • The underutilized compound world-renowned chemist Sasha Shulgin believed was one of the most useful for healing trauma
  • Inexpensive (and legal) analogues of classic psychedelics, with almost no difference in the subjective effects.

The DMT Universe

DMT is one of the most potent and visionary psychedelic compounds in the world.

We’ll show you where you can safely source it along with some of its equally potent cousins.

Bonus Resources

  • An ancient Aztec recipe for a powerful mushroom journey
  • Links to ethical retailers who legally source their medicines from Indigenous populations.
  • Access to our entire library of ultimate guides to almost every psychedelic medicine so you can explore with confidence.

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