Third Wave’s
Mushroom Grow Kit
& Course$199



What You Get in the Third Wave Mushroom Grow Kit:

Get all the tools you need to start cultivating mushrooms in one package! Just purchase the mushroom spores of your choice and get going. Everything comes pre-sterilized and ready to use, right out of the box.

  • Sterilized grain pre-packaged into two 1lb mycobags with injection ports to minimize risk of contamination.
  • Pre-pasteurized mushroom compost so your mycelium has all the nutrients it needs to grow. NOTE: You need to freeze the compost as soon as it arrives!
  • 2 micron-filter patch mycobags for ongoing cultivation.
  • 2 8” mushroom bag clamps and vinyl tubing to keep your mushrooms safe from mold and bacteria.
  • Sterile alcohol swabs to keep your mushroom grow bags clean and safe from contamination.
  • 2 sterile needles for injecting spores.
  • 100W light bulb (6500k color temperature) for accelerated fruiting.
  • 1 Water Spray Bottle to keep your fungal friends happily hydrated.
  • LCD hygrometer to make sure your mushrooms have the ideal environment for a bountiful harvest.
  • Powder-free vinyl gloves so you don’t accidentally contaminate your mushrooms during the process.

The only thing you need are the spores!

Why Doesn’t The Kit Include Spores?

Disclaimer: Third Wave does not encourage or condone the cultivation of illegal mushroom species where it is against the law.

Spores of your choosing are sold separately. The choice of mushroom species is 100% up to you! There are dozens of incredible, edible, sacred mushrooms to pick from. We can recommend trusted vendors who supply high quality spores. This makes the whole process as simple as possible. You will see recommendations for high quality spore suppliers in the course material.

Instant Access
to Third Wave’s
Mushroom Growing Course

As a part of your Mushroom Growing Kit, you also get instant access to our detailed, step-by-step Mushroom Growing Course. It includes a text manual and detailed videos walking you through the whole process.

You get to see exactly what the process looks every step of the way so you always know what to do.

No guessing. No confusion. Just clear instructions for best results.

Cultivate a
Personal Relationship with
Your Plants

One of the hidden benefits of cultivating your own mushrooms is the relationship you develop with the fungus.

For millennia, plant medicines were harvested directly from nature. Growing your own puts you in touch with our common ancestral experience.

This relationship adds a new dimension, a new layer of meaning to your mushroom experience.

An Economical Way
to Enjoy Sacred,
Medicinal Mushrooms!

Purchasing quality mushrooms can be expensive.

A single gram of many popular mushroom species can cost as much as $10 per gram.

With the Third Wave Grow Kit, the average harvest ranges from 1-4 ounces (28-108 grams). That means a single harvest can yield $280-$1,080 worth of your very own mushrooms.

The Third Wave Grow Kit will more than pay for itself in just one harvest.

Plus, if you follow the course guidelines and have a little patience, you may even be able to get 3-4 harvests from one kit. The return on your investment is more than worth the time and energy.

All you need to do is start growing!

What to Know
Before You Buy

Ready to start cultivating your own mushrooms? Here are just a few things to know before you buy:

As soon as the kit arrives, you need to open it up and store the compost in your freezer! You won’t need the compost until your grain spawn bags are fully colonized. To prevent the formation of mold, your compost should stay in the freezer during that time.

You will need to purchase your own spores in advance of inoculation. If they arrive before your kit arrives, simply store your spore syringe in the fridge. It should stay fresh for about 30 days.


Unfortunately, we do not. Our grow kit is only available in the United States. For Canadians, please see our article on How to Cultivate Mushrooms, in collaboration with Spores Lab. If you are based internationally, check out our partners MidWest Grow Kits.

The Growing Mushroom Course is part of the Grow Kit package and at the moment is not sold separately. We are currently considering whether to make it a separate product in the future.

Yes, of course you can! Our recommended suppliers are reliable and high quality, but the choice is yours! However, because spores are illegal to possess in Idaho and Georgia, we do not currently sell the Mushroom Grow Kit to residents of those states. We apologize for any inconvenience. I’m overwhelmed with the choices of spores online.

One of the most challenging parts is deciding which strain to purchase. There are hundreds of varieties of Psilocybe cubensis that differ in physical appearance, spore production, fruiting potential, and potency. Golden Teachers are a great strain to learn with, as they are more forgiving and less complicated to grow than other varieties. Other popular strains to consider include Mexican cubensis, Amazonian, Cambodian, and Columbian. If you want to try something a little different, there’s also Paneolus cyanescens, also known as Blue Meanies. We recommend conducting more of your own research before purchasing. Here are some articles to get you started:

Best Practices: Buying Magic Mushrooms (& Psilocybin Spores)
Psilocybin Benefits: Magic Mushrooms & How They Can Help
10 Things You Should Know Before Buying Psilocybin Spores

Yes! You can cultivate many varieties of mushrooms with this same kit, including oysters, button mushrooms, Portobellos, and more.

You will only require 3 milliliters of the spore solution to colonize 1.05 quart or 1 liter of the substrate. One syringe has 20 ml of the mushroom spore solution, which is enough to inoculate between 6 and 7 liters of substrate.

Please take a look at the following links regarding spore syringes and growing mushrooms:​
How to Grow Mushrooms From Spore Syringe | Practical Growing
​How to use a mushroom syringe?

With proper care, you can cultivate three to four harvests of mushrooms with this kit. That is a LOT of mushrooms.

To keep things compact, this kit is set up to let you grow mushrooms directly inside pre-sterilized mycobags. Because there’s no need for big tubs to cultivate your mushrooms, you can grow these mushrooms in a confined space, like a closet.

Yes, it’s perfectly safe. Nothing in this kit is toxic. However, it is a good idea to keep it in an area any curious young ones or furry friends won’t accidentally get into and contaminate.

Unfortunately, we cannot make guarantees for the behavior of extraterrestrial beings.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the success of your cultivation. There are many variables that come into play there. That’s why we highly recommend you carefully follow the course instructions and use the highest-quality spores possible. If your kit is broken or incomplete, we will happily issue a refund.

The Growing Mushroom Course is part of the Grow Kit package and at the moment it is not sold separately but we are taking into consideration to make it a separate product in the future.

The kit uses Rye grains. If you are diagnosed with celiac disease or suffer from non-celiac gluten sensitivity, the trace amounts of gluten may be enough to cause symptoms.

You can use two different strains, one for each bag your grow kit provides. If you do decide to use different strains, however, you should only use one spore genetic per bag. Using two different strains in one bag is not recommended for a successful first-time grow.



Start Cultivating
Mushrooms Today

  • Get all the tools you need to start cultivating mushrooms in one package (just add spores)
  • Includes a Step-By-Step Course for Growing Your Own Mushrooms At Home
  • A Straightforward, 3-Phase Process for Cultivation
  • Cultivate Your First Harvest in as Little as 4 Weeks!

* Unfortunately, because of current regulations, spore suppliers are unlikely to ship to most locations in Idaho and Georgia, so we do not accept orders to those states.

Refill Kit

*Refill Kit Only

  • Sterilized grain pre-packaged into 2 x 1lb mycobags
  • 5lb bag of pre-pasteurized mushroom compost
  • Sterile alcohol swabs
  • 2 x sterile needles
  • Powder-free vinyl gloves


Mushroom Grow Kit, Course & Refill Kit

*Best Value

  • Sterilized grain pre-packaged into 4 x 1lb mycobags
  • 2 x pre-pasteurized mushroom compost
  • Sterile alcohol swabs
  • 2 x sterile needles
  • Powder-free vinyl gloves
  • 2 x micron-filter patch mycobags
  • 2 x 8” mushroom bag clamps and vinyl tubing
  • 100W light bulb (6500k color temperature)
  • 1 x Water Spray Bottle
  • LCD hygrometer


Mushroom Grow Kit & Course


  • Sterilized grain pre-packaged into 2 x 1lb mycobags
  • Pre-pasteurized mushroom compost
  • Sterile alcohol swabs
  • 2 x sterile needles
  • Powder-free vinyl gloves
  • 2 x micron-filter patch mycobags
  • 2 x 8” mushroom bag clamps and vinyl tubing
  • 100W light bulb (6500k color temperature)
  • 1 x Water Spray Bottle
  • LCD hygrometer