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Spring 2023


Amplify Your Impact

and Accelerate

Client Transformation

Psychedelics and the

New Coaching Paradigm

Psychedelics are an evolutionary catalyst for personal growth. Their combined neurological and psycho-spiritual effects rapidly transform lives every day.


Now, by harnessing the incredible power of psychedelics, we aim to revolutionize the coaching paradigm.


Mindfully integrating psychedelic medicines into a high-performance coaching methodology will be nothing short of a game-changer for those who can do it well.

With this ultimate toolkit to help clients move through patterns of resistance, emotional blockages, and limiting beliefs, properly trained coaches will gain the ability to create breakthrough results faster and with greater alignment between mind, body, and spirit.


This is an opportunity to be a part of a movement that will change lives.

Join Us On the

Leading Edge of

Human Potential

and Become a Third Wave

Certified Coach.

hand reaching for the sun

Transformational Training at the

Forefront of a Cultural Phenomenon

Psychedelic medicines are more accessible than ever before. Legalization movements are rapidly gaining traction. Cultural acceptance is steadily growing. The interest is there. The healing potential is exponential.

We know this because Third Wave is at the forefront of the movement. Each month, we have over 100K visitors to our site, each wanting to learn more about the benefits of psychedelics and how they can be applied in their lives.

As more and more people awaken to the transformational potential of psychedelic medicines, trusted guidance is more important than ever. People from all walks of life, and with a wide range of goals, need help to navigate this space and realize their potential.


The challenge?

There are just not enough trained professionals to help them all.


That’s why Third Wave created this one-of-a-kind certification program.


We want to make sure that we can provide our community with the highest caliber coaches who fully understand how to teach the skill of psychedelics.

There is a massive opportunity here for coaches, and we want to both nurture the wisdom and ensure the integrity of the medicine.

Who Is This Certification For?

Third Wave Certification is both for established coaches who want to add psychedelic work into their existing frameworks and new coaches who want to begin a career in psychedelics.
It’s ideal for coaches committed to helping clients achieve a broad range of non=clinical outcomes - from those working on the forefront of human potential, peak performance, executive training, and leadership development, to those focused on health and wellness, life coaching, spiritual coaching, and beyond. .

This Certification is for coaches interested in both microdosing and macrodosing protocols.

We will screen applicants for coaching experience or the skills and traits needed to make a great psychedelic coach.


This is not a clinical program. It is not suited for individuals who want to work with PTSD, clinical depression, psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, or other clinical conditions.

Master the Skill of Psychedelics


Psychedelic medicines are less like a typical Western medicine and more like a holistic development tool. Like any tool, they can be used masterfully or recklessly.

This certification program is designed to help you master the skill of psychedelics at the highest level so you can make a transformational impact in your clients’ lives as well as your own.




The program content will teach you how psychedelic medicines and modalities can be used to achieve optimal well-being, peak performance, and successful leadership. Through that lens, we will explore a range of themes,


Setting the stage: A framework for the Third Wave of psychedelics.
A sacred trust: Ethical practices, ethical sourcing, and creating safe spaces.
A trauma-informed approach: Strategies for supporting trauma survivors.
What science is telling us about the optimal use for different psychedelic medicines, including psilocybin, LSD, ketamine, and MDMA.
Fueling behavioral change: Psychedelic medicines and neuroplasticity.
From healing to personal transformation: How to achieve predictable results with an outcome-based approach to psychedelic medicines.
Preparing your clients for a psychedelic journey: Assessing client readiness, set and setting, and practices for harm reduction.
Using psychedelic modalities to help your clients achieve optimal well-being— physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
Types of psychedelic coaching and customizing a framework for your own work
The critical role of integration and supporting practices that can help you create sustainable results for your clients.
An overview of the legal landscape and best practices for limiting your own legal liability.
Turning theory into practice: How to reposition your coaching practice to support new modalities.

Program Overview



The Certification Program is an intensive six-month program that features 12 weeks of theoretical learning, a six-day immersive in Costa Rica, and a three month practicum involving practice coaching, supporting workshops, and a final assessment. The program culminates in a virtual graduation day ceremony.


This carefully calibrated cadence is designed to take you step-by-step into the subtle process of working with psychedelics to create transformational results for clients.

Bi-Weekly, 2 Hour Teaching Sessions with Paul F. Austin, Third Wave Founder and Lead Trainer

Every other week, you get a deep dive into a core topic, followed by a Q&A with Paul F. Austin. Informed by Third Wave’s five-pillar psychedelic coaching framework, you will get comprehensive training on topics ranging from safety and ethics, working with different medicines, and types of psychedelic coaching to outcomes of psychedelic work and how to ground breakthroughs into lasting change.

Workshops with World-Class Guest Teachers

Over the course of the program, you will get seven in-depth workshops with our guest experts. Each of our teachers is a leader in their field. Some of the topics we will cover include: high performance coaching methods; using psychedelics for both healing and growth; psychedelics and biohacking; functional medicine and the role of diet and nutrition in achieving personal outcomes; how microdosing can help spur creativity and flow; transforming from the inside out; psychedelics for empathy, communication, and teambuilding; entrepreneurship and psychedelics; complementary practices; holistic health; and more.

Bi-Weekly 2-hour Small Group Facilitated Integration Sessions

During these sessions, you will meet with your pre-assigned pod group and a designated facilitator  to help integrate the teaching material through reflection, discussion, and application. Expect to form close relationships with your group. These sessions may include guided group conversations, breathwork, and other facilitated practices to support your growth.

Ground Theory Into Practice Through Weekly Assignments

Our goal is not to give you an abstract theoretical framework. Psychedelic work is dynamic. The principles of the work must be embodied, not memorized. Repetition, reflection, and application are essential to this process. That’s why, in addition to small-group work, individual coaching, and teaching sessions, you get weekly assignments and exercises to move this knowledge into practice.

Conscious Cannabis Ceremony

Join your cohort on an online Conscious Cannabis Ceremony led by our intuitive and experienced facilitator, and specially designed to help set the stage and create group cohesion. 

Focus on Synergies Between Psychedelics and Support Methodologies

Explore how to integrate psychedelics with cutting-edge tools such as breathwork, cold therapy, meditation, neurofeedback, and more.

Third Wave Approved Psychedelic Integration Methodologies

Third Wave strives to stay on the cutting edge of psychedelic research and findings. Our ever-evolving integration methods are a culmination of all the expertise, data, and personal experiences of our team.

During this program, you will be trained in research-based psychedelic integration methods that we teach to our partners at leading intensives and clinics.

Proven Frameworks for Both Microdosing & Macrodose Experiences

Discover how to design custom protocols with microdosing and macrodosing specific to your clients’ goals.

50 Hour Practicum

After completing the theoretical portion of this program, you enter into a 50 hour practicum to ground your new skills into embodied knowledge. This practice period, which will run over three months, will feature hands-on workshops to help you turn theory into practice while providing you with the time you need  to complete 50 hours of psychedelic-related coaching. You can think of it as an internship, where you gain real world experience to work with either actual clients or friends and family, in an organization or setting of your choice. 

Third Wave will support you in this process and offer introductions to organizations in our network. There are many opportunities and options available, which we will discuss in depth in the certification training.

Your Instructors and Guides


Our instructors are all recognized leaders in their respective fields, with extensive experience in high performance coaching. Few of these luminaries offer this high level of training outside their private client work. With their combined training, you will enjoy an extensive education unavailable anywhere else.

Lead Trainer

Paul F. Austin

Founder of Third Wave and lead instructor for the certification program, Paul is a 21st century pioneer of responsible use of psychedelics for healing...

Founder of Third Wave and lead instructor for the certification program, Paul is a 21st century pioneer of responsible use of psychedelics for healing, leadership, and personal transformation. He has been featured in Rolling Stone, the New York Times, and WebMD for his work amplifying awareness around the benefits of microdosing psychedelics. He is also the author of the book “Microdosing Psychedelics: A Practical Guide to Upgrade Your Life”, a sought-after public speaker, and a microdosing coach.

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Core Facilitators


To build a communal training environment, after enrollment you will be assigned to a small pod of approximately 12 students under the guidance of one of our core facilitators. Your facilitator will help guide each bi-weekly integration session and will also join you on the six-day immersive.

Amy Albright, DACM

Dr. Amy Albright has played at the highest levels of executive coaching and strategic advising to VPs and CEOs in companies ranging in valuation from...

Dr. Amy Albright has played at the highest levels of executive coaching and strategic advising to VPs and CEOs in companies ranging in valuation from $10M to $2B. She also has a doctorate in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Dr. Amy understands the practical intersection of holistic health, neurosciences, and leadership, coaching leaders into highly-aware peak performers.

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Dr. MJ Jiaras

MJ is a psychotherapist, studio musician, and high-level executive coach. He has worked with leaders of Fortune 100 companies for 20+ years...

MJ is a psychotherapist, studio musician, and high-level executive coach. He has worked with leaders of Fortune 100 companies for 20+ years. He brings deep insight into culture, leadership, and how to create sustainable changes that help individuals become their best selves. His integrated framework of “intentional leadership” is a perfect complement to the transformational potential of psychedelics.

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Chess Edwards

Chess Edwards is a highly experienced Transformational Breathwork facilitator, spiritual guide, and meditation teacher. With over 40 years’ experience guiding people into stronger, deeper,...

and more vibrant relationships with themselves, their work, and the world they live in, Chess is your guide for awakening your most powerful truth and vitality.

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Our world class guest faculty will bring new perspectives and cutting edge lessons on important topics in psychedelics that you won’t want to miss.

Peter Carnochan, Ph.D.

A psychoanalyst, executive coach, author, and Harvard-trained philosopher, Peter Carnochan, Ph.D. has spent the last 30 years helping clients unknot...

A psychoanalyst, executive coach, author, and Harvard-trained philosopher, Peter Carnochan, Ph.D. has spent the last 30 years helping clients unknot problematic feelings, solve challenges, and develop more resilient and expansive modes of living. He is one of the most highly-regarded executive coaches in Silicon Valley and brings a deep, philosophical perspective to both psychedelics and coaching.

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Dave Burns

Dave Burns is a transformational coach, angel investor, and essayist. With a background in relational work, partnered meditation, mindful business...

Dave Burns is a transformational coach, angel investor, and essayist. With a background in relational work, partnered meditation, mindful business training, and classical philosophy, his work today centers around the interplay between ancient wisdom and modern practicality. A very happy husband, he lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, where he practices tea ceremony and classical cello.

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Marie Mbouni, M.D.

Dr. Marie Mbouni is a consciousness coach, shaman, energy healer, and speaker who started out in Western medicine as an anesthesiologist with the intention of...

Dr. Marie Mbouni is a consciousness coach, shaman, energy healer, and speaker who started out in Western medicine as an anesthesiologist with the intention of bringing peace and healing to people. After years of working grueling hours at the expense of her personal relationships and her health, Marie embraced a new path and turned her focus toward healing people on a spiritual and energetic level, and mentoring others on a similar path to enlightenment.

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David Rabin, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. David Rabin is one of the leading minds of the psychedelic renaissance. He is a neuroscientist, board-certified psychiatrist...

Dr. David Rabin is one of the leading minds of the psychedelic renaissance. He is a neuroscientist, board-certified psychiatrist, health tech entrepreneur, and inventor. He is also a practitioner of ketamine assisted psychotherapy (KAP) and is trained in MDMA assisted psychotherapy.

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Douglas Rushkoff

Douglas Rushkoff is the host of the Team Human podcast and author of Team Human as well as a dozen other bestselling books on media, technology...

Douglas Rushkoff is the host of the Team Human podcast and author of Team Human as well as a dozen other bestselling books on media, technology, and culture, including, Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus: How Growth Became the Enemy of Prosperity, Present Shock, Program or Be Programmed, Media Virus, and the novel Ecstasy Club. He is Professor of Media Theory and Digital Economics at CUNY/Queens. He wrote the graphic novels Aleister & Adolf, Testament, and A.D.D., and made the television documentaries Generation Like, Merchants of Cool, The Persuaders, and Digital Nation. He lives in New York, and lectures about media, society, and economics around the world.

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Intensive Team


Our exclusive intensive experience will be an experiential training that will be a program highlight.  

Sonia Kreitzer

Sonia Kreitzer is a singer, songwriter and soundhealer from Syracuse, NY. She has put out three full length albums under the name "Doe Paoro," two of which...

Sonia Kreitzer is a singer, songwriter and soundhealer from Syracuse, NY. She has put out three full length albums under the name "Doe Paoro," two of which were signed to ANTI- Records. She has written songs for other artists such as Peter Bjorn and Jon and her music has been featured on NPR, BBC, and HBO among others. When not on tour, she writes and also leads soundbaths as a multi-instrumentalist. She has training in Tibetan opera singing.

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Online Sessions Facilitated by:

Jared Chrisman

Jared joined the Third Wave team on the heels of working on the Tony Robbins business development team through the pandemic. After a personal, profound psychedelic experience...

Jared joined the Third Wave team on the heels of working on the Tony Robbins business development team through the pandemic. After a personal, profound psychedelic experience Jared felt a calling to focus his energy on helping advance the psychedelic movement. By happenstance, he met Paul in Bozeman, Montana, and soon after joined the team. Jared’s strength in heart-centered enrollment coupled with the existing team’s efforts exponentially increased our ability to reach individuals and have them join us on our mission.

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Lily Eggers

Lily Eggers is a California licensed psychotherapist and relationship coach with a Degree in Somatic Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies...

Lily Eggers is a California licensed psychotherapist and relationship coach with a Degree in Somatic Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. She has been working clinically with individuals and couples for over 10 years and has been exploring her own consciousness and human potential since age 15 when she walked on fire and realized there's a LOT more to learn and grow in life than most people are aware of. She's a seasoned psychonaut and offers preparation, integration and journey work individually and in groups. Lily lives with her husband and two children in Marin County, California and celebrates life by dancing, riding bikes, skinny dipping, hiking in the woods, consciously exploring psychedelics, and making music. Lily’s sense of humor and down-to-earth nature will put you at ease from the very first session.

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Live 6-Day

Immersive Intensive

Spring 2023


(read the announcement below for more information)



man looking at the sky in the forest
This six-day immersive is the turning point of the entire program. It brings together everything you learned so far into a single transformational event.


You will experience firsthand as a client the complete range of best practices in the Third Wave practitioner framework.

Similar intensives typically cost about $5,000 and include only a fraction of the experiential modalities we have lined up for you. The entire intensive is included in your program tuition.*

*We will also provide an option to upgrade your room accommodations on a first-come, first-served basis.

camp fire
All you have to do is get yourself there.

About Brave Earth

One of the major teachings of psychedelics is how the external mirrors the internal. Our intensive location, Brave Earth (La Fortuna/Arenal), is the perfect encapsulation of this principle.

It is a burgeoning community, regenerative farm, and healing arts center based in northern Costa Rica. Here amidst the jungle, thermal pools, and cloud forest, we have the opportunity to dive deeper into our work as psychedelic coaches and facilitators, as we evolve new ways of living, serving, and growing.

The entire center is built on the principles of “Regenerative Design”, using whole-systems thinking to create resilient and equitable systems that integrate the needs of the individual and society as a whole with the integrity of Nature.

The Intensive Experience

The purpose of the intensive is direct psychedelic medicine experience in the context of connection.

You will walk away from this weekend with experiential understanding of the role that mystical experiences, connection to self, connection to others, and connection to nature plays in personal transformation.

There are no guarantees when working with these medicines. However, with careful attention to set, setting, and curriculum, we believe this weekend will be a life-changing experience.

Here’s a sneak peek of

what we have planned:


→ Personal experience with psychedelic medicine*

→ Daily yoga and meditation

→ Hands-on leadership training

→ Team building

→ In-person coaching

→ Fully catered meals



We are committed to providing a safe live-event experience for everyone in accordance with the latest COVID-19 health guidelines. We will take every precaution to make sure this is a safe, inclusive, and positive experience for all participants.

Your Coaching Certification tuition includes accommodation and meals for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Working with psychedelics requires direct knowledge. It is essential that you understand your clients’ experiences in the context of our coaching framework, so the intensive is mandatory.

Contact us if you have a scheduling conflict and cannot attend.

Priority Placement in

the Third Wave Directory

Third Wave has launched a new, comprehensive directory of vetted psychedelic clinics, intensives, therapists, and coaches. It is rigorously curated, featuring only the best, most qualified practitioners.

laptop and notebook

With our current organic web traffic of 100K+ visitors per month, our vision is to make our directory the #1 go-to resource for all types of trusted, professional psychedelic support.

As a Third Wave Certified Coach, you will get six months of priority placement in this directory once you have passed your final assessment and demonstrated eligibility. This puts you and your coaching business directly in front of thousands of individuals actively searching for your services.

Not only will this provide you with authority positioning, it may also be a valuable lead generation tool.

Third Wave Coaching Certification doesn’t just give you the training, practical experience, and vetted authority. It also connects you directly to potential clients for your services.

After this Transformational Program You Will:


Have complete clarity on how to integrate psychedelics into your current coaching methods and evolve your practice to catalyze positive change in the world.


Cultivate mastery in the skill of psychedelics and how to apply the appropriate medicines to help your clients achieve differential results–whether they want to heal, recover, achieve optimal well-being, rediscover their purpose, tap into latent creativity, or lay a foundation for a new form of leadership.


Understand the benefits and risks of different psychedelic medicines, the impact of different dosages and timings, and how to best leverage them for your clients’ needs.


Experience exactly how high-performance methods interact with psychedelics so you can guide your clients with confidence and empathy.


Develop a toolkit of multiple modalities to break through patterns of resistance, emotional blockages, and limiting beliefs.


Discover the complex interplay of body, mind, and spirit with psychedelic medicines and how to address them holistically with targeted supporting practices.


Understand the nuance of coaching psychedelic use in the context of entrepreneurship and how to create safe spaces, reduce harm, and navigate the evolving legal landscape.


Ground theoretical knowledge, scientific research, and practical insights into the integration process to create sustainable, long-term results for your clients.


Turn theory into practice with access to proven intake practices and marketing approaches.

What Our Students Say About The Program


Limited Opportunity

Only 36 Spots


To give the highest level of support to our certified coaches, this program is limited to only 36 people.

We will grant spots to qualified applicants on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you feel the call to join us on this mission to transform the coaching paradigm, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible.


  • 12 workshops from our high-profile guest faculty—six during your 3-month theoretical training and six during your practicum
  • Intimate small group mentoring with your experienced Third Wave facilitator
  • Conscious Cannabis Ceremony
  • Lifetime access to all course material
  • Full access to Third Wave’s flagship Microdosing Course
  • A network of peers for support and professional relationships
  • 6 months of priority placement in the Third Wave Directory for trainees who meet criteria
  • 6-day immersive at Brave Earth Intensive Center in Costa Rica

Special Bonus:

Third Wave’s Ultimate Guide to Safely Sourcing Psychedelics

The single greatest challenge for most people who want to explore psychedelics is finding the medicine. But without full knowledge of what to look for, you can potentially put yourself at risk.

That’s why we decided to compile a single guide on how to safely source psychedelics.

Here’s a look at what’s inside this 80+ page guide:

  • How to find powerful plant medicines in unexpected places, from foraging to your local garden store.
  • Links to ethical retailers who legally source their medicines from Indigenous populations.
  • Little-known, inexpensive (and legal) alternatives to classic psychedelics, with virtually zero difference in the subjective effects.
  • Powerful plant combinations that can deepen and amplify any psychedelic experience.
  • Strategies on how to stay safe online.
  • Bonus resources, including some stellar recipes you’re sure to love!
  • Access to our free library of ultimate guides to almost every psychedelic medicine in the world, so you can journey with confidence (know exactly what to expect, background history, what dose to take, and contraindications).
  • And MUCH more…

Special Bonus #2:

Three Months Free Access to the Othership Breathwork App

Othership offers 500+ on-demand breathwork and breathing sessions, featuring the rhythms of powerful music, with guidance from world-renowned breathwork facilitators. Rooted in ancient tradition, informed by modern science, and inspired by magic, Othership’s meticulously curated guided breathwork practices are simultaneously playful, safe, and effective.

By combining breathing techniques and guided meditations created by psychotherapists, wellness practitioners, hypnotherapists, artists and DJs, spiritual teachers, and life coaches, these breathwork sessions create an experience in mindfulness and a powerful way to recharge your body and mind.

Program Fees

Total investment in the Third Wave Coaching Certification Program


(approx €12.543)

This includes the all-expenses paid intensive (not including travel) and a featured placement in our directory (for those who meet the criteria) to help drive leads to your business.

You can reserve your chance to get a spot in the program by paying a $2,500 deposit today. (approx €2.508)

Please note that your deposit does not guarantee admittance to the program.  If you are not admitted for any reason, your deposit will be refunded in full.


Your deposit does not guarantee admittance to the program.

If you are not admitted for any reason, your deposit will be refunded in full.

What Happens Next?


After you make your deposit, you will be automatically taken to a page to schedule a discovery call with Third Wave Admissions. The purpose of this call is to ensure you are a perfect candidate for one of our few spots. If it is not a fit for any reason, you will receive a full refund of your deposit.


Once you are approved, you will receive an email with payment instructions. You will have the option to either pay the remaining balance or set up a payment plan.


When you have chosen your preferred method of payment, you will get a welcome email confirming your payment. Detailed onboarding information will be sent before the first class.

Have Questions?

We are searching for heart-centered coaches aligned with Third Wave’s mission to support and guide others on their journey working with psychedelics. If you feel you are that person but have more questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Jared, our VP of Coaching Partnerships.

Book a call with Jared

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this certification designed for?

This certification program is specifically designed for established coaches. We want to make sure you have the business infrastructure, and understanding of your ideal client base, to put our training to use quickly. While we will provide access to our Directory, we do not offer business development support.

In addition, we do accept some students who do not yet have an existing coaching practice. These applicants will need to fill out a separate form so we can assess if they have the necessary skills and traits to be a successful psychedelic coach in the future.

Do I need to be a credentialed coach to apply?

No. There are no licensing or certification requirements to participate in the program.

What is the time commitment for the certification program?

We anticipate you will need 9-12 hours per week, or about 35-45 hours/month between classes, workshops, and assignments.

What is the Practicum and why is it required?

The Practicum part of the course consists of Practice Sessions and a Final Assessment, and is a requirement for graduation. This phase lasts for three months and begins after the theoretical portion of the curriculum is complete. The point of the Practicum is to ensure that you understand and can skillfully apply the Third Wave coaching methodology. The Practicum period will include additional lectures and facilitated group integration sessions separate from the main curriculum.

Practice Sessions involve you finding one or more clients to coach (we will support you in this) and logging 50 coaching sessions (either individual coaching or group sessions). One of the sessions must be recorded anonymously and will be reviewed only by authorized Third Wave staff, then deleted after graduation. More details will be sent to you closer to the Practicum phase.

The Final Assessment will consist of a 30-minute interview where you’ll discuss a high-level overview of your growth and participation in the program with a Third Wave staff member.

Am I guaranteed a certificate? How does “graduation” work?

In addition to meeting our attendance and homework requirements, you will be required to conduct and submit for review a practice coaching session with a client (to be recorded anonymously and deleted after review), and given a final assessment after completing the training. Upon passing this assessment, you will be awarded your Third Wave Coaching Certification certificate and all the perks that go with it.

You can view details in Section 7 of the Terms and Conditions.

How do I become eligible for placement in the Directory?

Participants will be expected to demonstrate consistent ethical and professional integrity. Only those graduates who demonstrate a full understanding of all course materials, receive high marks from their coach mentor on assignments, and demonstrate ongoing support for their fellow course participants will be invited to be listed on the Third Wave Directory. Invited graduates will receive six-months of premium Vetted status for their listings, at no charge, after which they will have the choice of keeping a free, verified listing, or retaining the extra features of their Vetted status, for a low monthly fee.

You can view details in Section 8 of the Terms and Conditions.

Do I need to be vaccinated or provide a negative COVID test result to join the in-person event?

We will be closely monitoring recommended safety guidelines as we approach the event. As of now, we will require a negative COVID test to attend the event. We will not require vaccination to attend.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes. Should you decide a payment plan is better for you, as long as you pay the deposit to reserve your spot, you have the option to pay the remaining balance for a slightly higher fee.

Your payment plan would be 5 payments every other week, with the first payment drawn immediately upon checkout.

What if I cannot find or finish my practicum placement within three (3) months of graduating?

Life is unpredictable and we understand that sometimes things don’t work out as planned. We will approach each situation on a case-by-case basis. If you are unable to complete your practicum on time, get in contact with the certification faculty as soon as possible so we can co-create a solution together.

Will you provide me with a practicum placement?

The practicum is an opportunity for you to pursue a field that is most resonant with your own interests. Therefore, it is your responsibility to secure your own arrangement. However, Third Wave will support you by making introductions to organizations in our network to help facilitate this process. If you are interested in completing the practicum with an organization we are not connected with, we will provide you with a letter of introduction to help negotiate the situation.

What are your Refund Policy and Terms & Conditions?

Refund policies for all Third Wave courses are outlined on our refund policy page. You can view and download the Coaching Certification Program Terms & Conditions here.

Does the program have an explicit ethics policy?

At Third Wave, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and values. Our ethics are vital to our business model. Our Ethics Pledge is published here.

Is the in-person intensive required for certification?

The intensive is a key element of the overall experience and is required for certification. Should you not be able to attend, please contact us to see if other arrangements can be made.