The Third Wave are hiring!

The Third Wave is growing at a rapid rate – both the movement and our website – and it’s now time to further expand the team.

So far, there are four of us: Paul, Patrick, Vlad, and Brian. While we’ve made great strides over the past few months, there is still more work to be done.

Below, we’ve listed a total of 3 openings – plus an opportunity for a few brave individuals to write about their personal experiences with ayahuasca, ibogaine, MDMA, and peyote.

Considering our team already consists of 4 white men, preference will be given to women who apply.

However, I encourage everyone to submit an application as we have extremely high expectations for those we hire. In other words, if a man and woman apply, and have similar credentials, the woman will be chosen. However, if a man applies and has outstanding credentials, he will be chosen regardless.

Position #1: Content Writer

One of the foundational aspects of The Third Wave is providing well-researched information about psychedelics.

Thus far, Patrick Smith (the ‘Psychedelic Scientist’) has covered much of this responsibility, writing pieces like Psychedelics for Addiction, Ayahuasca vs. DMT, and Everything You Should Know About Ibogaine Treatment (and many more).

Now, we need to bring on an additional content writer to help share the load with Patrick.


  • Extensive experience with writing, including ability to handle all steps of the writing process: ideation, research, first draft, editing, final draft

  • Previous experience taking psychedelics

  • Attentive to detail and efficient in completing tasks

  • Consistent deliverability (1 long-form article per week required)

Position #2: Community Engagement Intern

The Third Wave is also opening a 2nd intern position. The focus of the position will be to engage with, and substantially build, our online community.

Preference for this position will be given to women who are extremely well-qualified from previous experience. As part of this, we would also like to know your Myers Briggs, If you don’t know your Myers Briggs, you can do a relatively quick test here:

(An example of a Myers Briggs personality is “INTJ”)

Roles/tasks for this position include:

  • Handling all community engagement, including e-mail, social media, online forum, and our Patreon page

  • Updating social media queue when necessary

  • Growing our social media reach substantially - and engaging with people as much as possible

  • Growing our forum following substantially

  • Customer service for when we begin to roll out paid products and services

In essence, we want to hire a social butterfly who is enthusiastic about psychedelic substances, and is well-qualified to handle the necessary tasks.

In total, 15-20 hours per week will be required. If you cannot commit to this amount of time, please do not apply. We will provide a small monthly stipend (approx. 400 USD per month) for the chosen candidate.

Considering the growth of our website, and certain business opportunities in the near future, this position will likely become full-time within 6 months.

It is imperative that the chosen individual has the ability to work full-time by September 2017.

For this application, please send a brief 2-3 minute video to [email protected] detailing why you are the best candidate for this position. You should upload the video to YouTube, list it as ‘Unlisted’, and send the link. Please write ‘Community Engagement Intern’ in the subject line of the e-mail.

In your email, please also write your Myers Briggs type.

Position #3: Freelance Journalist

One of the next frontiers for The Third Wave is the publication of high-quality long-form journalism about the intersection of psychedelics and mainstream culture.

We want to hire 2-3 freelance journalists who can take on projects that further our mission of changing the cultural dialogue around psychedelic use.

Ideally, the quality of journalism will be comparable to Vox, Slate, Motherboard, Inverse, and Nautilus (just to name a few).

Here are some examples of high-quality long-form journalism we aspire to:

Appropriate compensation will be provided for the chosen individuals.

The focus of the pieces should fit within the larger mission/objective at The Third Wave: to change the way in which our mainstream culture perceives psychedelic substances.

There is only one requisite for consideration:

Chosen candidates will have extensive journalism experience, and must be willing to go the extra mile to find stories in line with our vision/mission.

Do you want to apply?

Please send at least 3 examples of previous pieces to [email protected]. Make the subject line ‘Freelance Journalism Third Wave’

Final Opportunity:

As part of our content curation strategy, we are publishing long-form pieces on what it feels like to trip on specific psychedelic substances.

So far, we have one of these articles published: What to Expect on a Magic Mushroom Trip

Team members are also working on LSD and smokable DMT.

But we still need pieces on what it is like to drink Ayahuasca, take Ibogaine, take MDMA, and take Peyote.

If you’re interested in writing a long-form piece on what it is like to take one of these psychedelics, please send an e-mail to [email protected] with subject line “What It’s Like to Take _____” (fill in the blank with the substance you want to write about).

In this e-mail, please also include any previous pieces you have written. We have extremely high expectations for quality of writing, and will only give assignments to individuals who have a proven track record of high-quality writing.


Here at The Third Wave, we don't charge money for any of the information we provide.
All current and future resources will remain 100% free.

Please consider a small monthly donation to help the Third Wave continue its work.
Your support, in any form, is greatly appreciated!

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