The Third Wave Podcast

Ayahuasca, Emotional Regulation, and Dealing with the Unknown

Episode 71

Geoff Hanzlik

Geoff Hanzlik joins Paul Austin for an insightful conversation about ayahuasca, masculinity, and the necessity of emotional regulation for mature and developed leadership.

Tune into this episode to hear Geoff discuss his experience as an ayahuasca facilitator for the Santo Daime church, why he abruptly stopped hosting ceremonies, and what he has learned about emotional regulation from plant medicine.


Geoff Hanzlik is an executive and transformational coach based in New York City who supports high impact entrepreneurs integrate their emotions, natural gifts, and purpose with a grounded, concrete strategy to execute their vision in the world.

Each year, he works with a small number of private clients who seek life-changing breakthroughs at the personal and professional level. Geo is also a senior expert at Neuberg Gore & Associates, an executive coaching firm dedicated to developing the next generation of leaders in start-ups.

Podcast Highlights


  • Why humility, above all else, is required when holding space for plant medicines
  • The 3 lessons Geoff learned from holding space that he now applies to his executive coaching
  • Why emotional regulation is critical for leadership – and what lessons psychedelics teach us to regulate in the face of the inevitable unknowns of life

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