Microdosing Trip Report


Body Weight:

Time Consumed:

What was your mindset before microdosing?

Did you have any preconceived goals or intentions? Were you anxious, excited, nervous, or just curious?

What was the setting of your microdose? Inside or outside? With music? By yourself or with other people? Did you go multiple places (began inside, then went outside later on, for example)?

Was this an overall positive, neutral, or negative experience?

Summary of Trip Experience:

Any specific insights into business, personal development, or relationships?

Any specific insights related to your place on Earth, within the Universe, or in relation to other sentient beings?

Has anything in your life changed as a result of microdosing?

Please write any general observations related to creativity, productivity, physical energy, or ability to relate to other people.

If you consumed microdoses over a span of time, please write down any cumulative effects you noticed.

If you want some examples to base your report off, please go here:






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