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Science-based, step-by-step process to elevate your body, mind, and spirit

Healing and self-optimization through psychedelics

In our current environment of uncertainty, anxiety, and fear, it is important to utilize innovative tools that keep us balanced emotionally, mentally, and physically.

A structured microdosing protocol is one of these tools.

“Microdosing restored my moods and outlook on life.”

-Simone B.

Find Meaning, Cultivate Presence, and Accelerate Creative Breakthroughs with Microdosing

Microdosing shifts your neural patterns, putting you in touch with your deepest sense of self.

Whether you want to relieve anxiety…

Climb out of depression…

Or discover a new well-spring of motivation and creativity…

Microdosing is one of the most versatile, safe, and powerful tools there is.

And now, in the post-COVID world of enforced isolation, disconnection, and rampant anxiety, we need these tools of empowerment more than ever before.

Each of us has an opportunity to go deeper within, working on ourselves and opening up to our highest capacities through the structured, intentional use of microdosing.

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“The inner critical voice, which can be so debilitating, goes quiet and I feel more in my body. My world expands and love has a way in.”

  -Lisa M.

“Microdosing ‘kicked’ me out of my rut of repetitive negative thought patterns, easing my depression and anxiety. I felt a sense of elated mood and it helped me with focus. I had a certain openness and confidence that was noticeably different.”

  -Mina A.

Increase Neural Connections

Cutting edge research shows microdosing increases neural connections[1], which breaks you out of repetitive patterns of thoughts and feelings…

…giving you access to new possibilities, creative solutions, and a greater sense of well being.

The core scientific team at Imperial College created this visualization to show how psychedelics increase neural connections between different parts of the brain.[2]

Each color is a different brain region:

Enhanced neural connectivity leads to several consistent and repeatable benefits[3], including…

  • Elevated mood
  • Reduced general and social anxiety
  • Eliminating symptoms of depression
  • Heightened focus and concentration
  • Increased creativity, openness, and curiosity
  • Greater self-confidence and motivation
  • Improved mental and physical energy
  • Deeper sense of connection and empathy
  • Sharpened mental clarity, memory, and problem solving
  • Physical enhancement (sharper senses, greater endurance, reduction of migraines)

In the words of Dr. James Fadiman, the “Godfather” of microdosing:

“Microdosing is great for what ails you, but you don’t have to be sick to be better”

The most fascinating thing about microdosing psychedelics is how you integrate it as medicine into your daily life.

Which is why structure and guidance are essential for microdosing

Psychedelics are unique because their effect is dependent on context and intention, often referred to as:

“Set and Setting”

Because microdosing is sub-perceptual…

…structure, tracking, and guidance are even more important to get the full benefits. 

And that is what this microdosing course is about.

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Microdosed with LSD for five weeks for mood improvement

“Microdosing was a beautiful and powerful experience. I noticed a greater appreciation for my life and a consistent sense of calmness and acceptance for the world around me.
The Third Wave’s microdosing course was a fantastic resource and reference point throughout the process. It relieved so much stress.

  –Sam K, Massage Therapist

Used microdosing to relieve depression and increase productivity

My intention was to improve productivity, stimulate new ideas, improve social interactions, and break habits leading to bouts of depression.

While microdosing, ideas flowed and I felt a deep connection to people and life. There was a strong feeling of empowerment. Productivity heightened, social barriers dissolved, and gratitude skyrocketed. Old patterns did not disappear, but I felt like I was making a choice to change them.

The Third Wave helped me prepare for my experience. I found it essential for establishing a baseline of information before starting on the journey and optimizing.

  –Dan M, Environmental Consultant

Meet Paul, Founder of Third Wave

My name is Paul F. Austin and I’m the founder of Third Wave.

The intentional, structured use of microdosing completely transformed my life.

I went from a struggling, anxiety-ridden entrepreneur to creating a successful educational company, transforming myself into an international speaker at the forefront of a movement.

I know first-hand how crippling anxiety and depression can be.

However, I also know how fast life changes when you take control of your mental and emotional well-being…

…accessing your highest levels of creativity, inspiration, and confidence.

This wasn’t an instant miracle. It took deep work and experimentation. That’s why structure is so important.

This course is the culmination of years of experimentation and hundreds of conversations with leading researchers, therapists, and entrepreneurs.

This is everything I know about how to leverage the power of microdosing to transform your life.

Here’s what it looks like…

Paul austin

What’s Included In Our Course Curriculum

This microdosing course is a comprehensive deep-dive into everything you need to know about using the power of microdosing to transform your life and grow into your full potential as a human.

The course is divided into three modules:

Module 1: The Essentials of Microdosing

  • An in-depth look at the culture phenomenon of microdosing from silicon valley board rooms to therapy sessions
  • Depression and anxiety: why microdosing may be our most effective medicine
  • A brief survey of the science: How and why microdosing works plus what top researchers say about the long-term benefits.
  • You are not broken: what microdosing reveals about mood disorders
  • How to leverage microdosing for leadership development

Module 2: How to Microdose

  • Everything you need to know about safely sourcing your substance
  • Legal alternatives and little-known loopholes so you stay on the right side of the law
  • The subtle and important differences between psilocybin mushrooms, psilocybin truffles, and LSD for microdosing.
  • Structure matters! What to include before, during, and after your microdosing sessions to maximize benefits and integration.
  • 3 easy ways to create LSD microdoses for precise dosage and reliable effects.
  • Everything you need to know about preparing psilocybin mushroom microdoses for consistent results
  • Why intention matters more than you think and 4 questions to help you refine yours
  • Warning signs and uncommon risk factors so you can stay safe

Module 3: Optimizing Your Protocol

  • A simple guide to create your own structured, personalized microdosing protocol designed for your goals
  • Increasing the power and effectiveness of microdosing with holistic health practices
  • The do’s and don’ts of using microdosing to accelerate leadership development and boost creativity
  • How to use our custom tracking system to find your ideal dose, set, and setting for your microdosing protocol
  • ‘Pro tips’ we’ve gathered by collecting hundreds of unique microdosing experiences and data-points to help you dial in your experience
  • Advice from thousands of users on how to to use microdosing to relieve social anxiety, overcome depression, and break through procrastination
  • Why there CAN be too much of a good thing: the pitfalls to look out for and what you need to know to make sure you stay in balance.

Our Microdosing Workbook and Tracking Template

This microdosing course is an active process.

Our Microdosing workbook contains 100+ pages with exercises, prompts for self-reflection, and clarification questions to help you integrate your experience and get the most from this transformational medicine.

PLUS you get access to our custom tracking template to help you zero in on the specific conditions that get you the results YOU want.

Get Support Within Our Online Community

We’re stronger together.

However, it’s difficult to speak about microdosing with others who don’t understand your choices.

For many of us, the social taboo of psychedelics can damage relationships and reputations.

That’s why when you purchase your Microdosing Course you also get access to our online community to support you.

It’s a safe space to discuss openly and process your experiences.

In our current situation of enforced isolation, support and community are more important than ever.

You are not alone.

Access to Our Library of Expert Interviews

Microdosing opens up a doorway, a path through your challenges to your highest potential as a human being.

Your journey is unique to you.

To support you to the highest level, we’re including interviews with some of the world’s leading experts, practitioners and researchers on how to use microdosing in any area of your life.

This is a rare opportunity to hear expert opinions on topics they rarely speak about in public.

  • Dr. Dan Engle, M.D. – How microdosing helps us grow from crisis
  • Dr. Ben Sessa, M.D. – How to balance microdosing psychedelics with antidepressants
  • Dr. Will Vanderveer, M.D. – How microdosing heals mind, body, and soul
  • Dr. Peter Sjöstedt-H – Microdosing and homo sapiens 2.0
  • Tarzie Maclean – The intersection of microdosing and psychotherapy
  • Dr. Sohail Malek, M.D. – How microdosing helps you to heal from childhood trauma
  • And many more…

Lifetime Access

We regularly update our material with the latest information from researchers.

When you purchase your Microdosing Course, you will get lifetime access to all our course content, including all future updates, additions, and interviews.

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Microdosed with the Intention of Enhancing Creativity

“When microdosing, I observed several benefits including reduced social anxiety, better confidence when leading groups, the further flourishing of my writing practice, enhanced creativity, and more courage on a day-to-day basis.
Third Wave’s program gave excellent guidance on how to properly microdose with LSD and mushrooms.
Personally, I enjoyed the journaling aspect the most.”

  –Miki L, Writer

An Affordable Tool for Personal Growth

Microdosing is one of the most versatile, and cost-effective tools for personal growth currently available.

But it’s essential to know what you’re doing to get the full benefits.

A qualified therapist charges anywhere from $100 – $300 per hour.

A retreat is thousands of dollars, plus travel expenses.

These aren’t realistic options for many of us.

The Third Wave Microdosing Course empowers you to take your health, your healing, your life into your own hands…

…and create what YOU decide.

This course normally costs $97.

However, I know the global situation has profoundly impacted many of our lives –– mentally, emotionally, and especially financially.

That’s why for a limited time we are reducing the cost by half, to give as many people as possible access to this transformational material.

Just click the button below to get started with your own microdosing protocol today:

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Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

This is the perfect opportunity to go within, to take your well-being and your future into your own hands…

…and embrace the transformation offered by this medicine.

That’s why we offer a 10-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

This way you can put aside any anxiety and try the entire program with zero risk.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your Microdosing Course, we will refund your purchase, no questions asked*

*subject to terms and conditions

The Path Forward

Life is a series of choices and consequences.

So what will you choose today?

Microdosing is a tool proven by research to help you in almost any area of life you can think of…

…when used correctly.

A structured microdosing practice changed my life.

Who might you become? What’s possible for you?

It’s your choice.

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  • 100+ Pages of Instruction
  • Workbook & Tracking Dashboard
  • Expert Interviews & Instructional Videos
  • Private Support Community
  • Lifetime Access including Course Updates
  • 10-Day Money Back Guarantee

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