1. Microdosing

Learn everything you need to know about microdosing, including the associated benefits and how often to microdose.

2. What happens in a LSD session?

Discover the 6 stages of the usual microdosing LSD trip as well as detailed explanations of what happens in each stage in this informative guide.

3. How to use LSD to solve business problems

In this article, I discuss breakthrough research, carried out in the 1960s, on the effectiveness of LSD in solving business problems.

4. How to create your own LSD mastermind session

There are four specific characteristics to pay attention to when attempting your own creative problem solving session.

5. LSD myths

In this article, we discuss and debunk the four main LSD myths.

6. The 6 S’s of LSD use

Maybe you’ve heard the expression ‘Set and Setting’? Well, those are the first two S’s. There are four more S’s you MUST control to have a great trip/experience on LSD.

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