Psilocybin Mushroom Retreat in Olympia, Washington, United States
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    5 Reviews on “Trueisense”

    • Mateo S. 5 months ago

      I had a good experience with Paulina doing Ibogaine. Got there on a Friday afternoon, was there until Sunday morning. The actual ibogaine trip was very well supervised, I felt safe the whole time. The preparation materials she sends you ahead of time (to journal, reflect) were helpful. She cooked us three great meals each day. The house in Mexico was beautiful, the beds were comfrotable.

      It was my first time doing a retreat like this, and I was unsure how comfortable, how vulnerable to get, opening up to the other people there. Paulina helped me navigate that well, encouraging people to share openly without judgement, but being there for me when I wanted to talk one on one. Andddd her prices are pretty damn great!

    • Gerardo G. 5 months ago

      The experience of being guided by Paulina and Mayra was fantastic. Their step-by-step guidance, the care, and love with which they attended to us throughout the process were excellent. I am deeply grateful to them. It has been my first experience, and without a doubt, I will return with them

    • Maggie K. 5 months ago

      Paulina is an amazing facilitator. She creates a sacred and safe space for you to dive into your inner world and explore what you need to explore. I felt so safe and supported during my first journey and look forward to future ceremonies facilitated by Paulina.

    • Seth C. 5 months ago

      Paulina and her team are great! Had two retreats with her. Both were proffesionally run and really well done. They held space and did everything right. Was really focused on healing.

      The people who attended were of high quality. There is a solid group of great people who come here.

      If looking to attend, make sure to do the work before and after. The more work done will coinidentally effect the gains and amount of healing and proggess done.

      Hope to see you all soon definitely coming back when I can.

    • Paulina A. Provider 5 months ago

      Las ceremonias con Paulina Alanis me han llevado a los espacios más íntimos de mi alma. Me he sentido sumamente protegido y respetado en mi vulnerabilidad y humanidad. Es los pasajes más difíciles durante las ceremonia he obtenido apoyo humano y he podido navegar por los abismos de mi sombra y he podido hacer experiencias de más intimidad y cercanía con el otro. Recomiendo este espacio sagrado de transformación con psicodélicos que ofrece Paulina en diferentes partes del mundo.
      Julio Nim Dorjee


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