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Ecological Crisis as an Initiation for Humanity
with Daniel Pinchbeck

Summary of Podcast:

Daniel Pinchbeck joins us this week, for a discussion on psychedelics and the current global crisis. “How Soon is Now?” is Daniel’s latest book, which lays out the failings of our modern culture and examines how indigenous traditions could help put things back on track. Daniel tells us a little about his own psychedelic past, and gives us some practical advice on changing things for the better.

After extensive psychedelic experience with substances like ayahuasca and iboga, Daniel decided to focus his writing on the many ecological and social issues of modern life. His first documentary, “Time for Change,” examined alternative economic and agricultural systems that could make a positive impact on the world.

Daniel wrote three books along the same themes; “Breaking Open the Head,” “2012: the Return of Quetzalcotl” and, most recently, “How Soon is Now?” They discuss, in order, the subjective psychedelic experience, the suppression of indigenous cultural traditions, and what we need to do to avert a global crisis.

Daniel believes that the ecological crisis is a rite of passage for humanity. He believes that we are about to see a collapse of society that will result in new focus on radical solutions to our problems. People will have to come up with new systems of currency, new forms of agriculture and ways to reduce resource use.

Unless we want top-down enforcement of this kind of change (which Daniel says would be effective but morally questionable), we need to realize on an individual level that things need to change. The psychedelic experience could help people see the crises we are facing from a fresh perspective, and strive to make change themselves.

What can we practically do, as individuals, to help get our society through these turbulent times? Daniel gives details in his book – but says that it depends on your situation. Generally, people can find many ways to reduce resource use and invest in new forms of agriculture. Get involved in bottom-up causes and grass-roots organizations. Support ethical business like Benefit Corporations. And keep in touch with the lessons of unity and compassion provided by the psychedelic experience.

Show links:

How Soon is Now?” by Daniel Pinchbeck, argues that we are on the verge of global crisis, and need to start changing things immediately.

The How Soon Is Now Podcast

Breaking Open the Head” and “2012: the Return of Quetzalcotl,” Daniel’s previous books in the psychedelic series.

Daniel’s 2012 documentary “Time for Change,” which examines alternative economic and agricultural systems.

Reality Sandwich,” Daniel’s web magazine.,” a platform for cultural transformation.

Sacred Economics” by Charles Eisenstein – detailing why our economy needs to change for a better future.

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