Harm Reduction Transcript: Connection Through Chemistry – Dr. Julie Holland, M.D.
Dr. Julie Holland, psychopharmacology specialist, discusses oxytocin, music, death, and using psychedelics to activate our parasympathetic nervous system.
Third Wave · July 19th, 2020
Harm Reduction Transcript: Neuroplasticity, Psychedelics, and Other Strategies for Boosting Immunity – Dr. Molly Maloof, M.D.
Dr. Molly Maloof discusses on how to boost our immunity and foster neuroplasticity through psychedelics, meditation, and healthier lifestyle choices.
Third Wave · July 8th, 2020
Harm Reduction Transcript: Microdosing, Resilience, And COVID-19 Webinar – Paul Austin
The Microdosing Experience is a powerful combination of group coaching, structured microdosing, breakthrough ceremony, optimization, and community.
Third Wave · June 14th, 2020
Harm Reduction Transcript: Start-ups, Success, And Spirituality: Lessons From The Grind – Peter Corbett
Peter Corbett, retired founder, and Buddhist practitioner joins Paul Austin to discuss the intersection of start-ups, success, and spirituality.
Third Wave · June 14th, 2020
Harm Reduction Transcript: Burnout, Rebirth, And Going Beyond Coffee – James Beshara
James Beshara joins host Paul Austin to discuss burnout as a founder and what tools James discovered beyond coffee to feel his best.
Third Wave · June 12th, 2020
Harm Reduction Transcript: On Ethnography, Truffle Retreats, And Tracking Transformation – Greg Ferenstein
Greg Ferenstein shares how he explored the frontier of modern-day psychedelic use through his forays into legal Psilocybin truffles in the Netherlands.
Third Wave · May 31st, 2020
Harm Reduction Transcript: Rolfing, Structural Integration, And Becoming Whole – Daragh Crowley
Daragh Crowley explains why healing the physical body is central to becoming whole and what role rolfing, movement, and psychedelics play in this process.
Third Wave · May 17th, 2020
Harm Reduction Transcript: Synesthesia, Shared Hallucinations, And Telepathy With DMT – David Luke
Dr. David Luke Ph.D talks about synesthesia, shared hallucinations, and why telepathy might actually be possible with smoke-able DMT.
Third Wave · May 3rd, 2020
Harm Reduction Transcript: MDMA, Healing Trauma, And The Future Of Psychiatry – Dr. Ben Sessa
Dr. Ben Sessa talks about his recent MDMA trials for alcoholism and why MDMA is so good at healing core attachment-based trauma.
Third Wave · April 28th, 2020
Harm Reduction Transcript: Can Psychedelics Heal Ancestral Trauma? – Caitlin Thompson
Caitlin Thompson describes how her experiences with psychedelics inspired her holistic view of health, and helped her improve her personal wellbeing.
Third Wave · April 27th, 2020
Harm Reduction Transcript: Avoiding A ‘Quick Fix’ Mentality With Ayahuasca – Benjamin De Loenen
Benjamin De Loenen, founder of ICEERS, joins us for a discussion on Ayahuasca, Iboga and the impact that plant medicines could have on modern society.
Third Wave · April 27th, 2020
Harm Reduction Transcript: Why Transformational Breathwork Is Key To Cultivating Presence – Philippa Wilkin
Philippa Wilkin discusses existential crises, why breathwork helps to integrate repressed emotions, and how consistently live in a state of presence.
Third Wave · April 26th, 2020
Harm Reduction Transcript: How Iboga Is More Than Just A Treatment Of Addiction – Elizabeth Bast
Elizabeth Bast has worked extensively with iboga. As such, she offers an informed perspective on nearly every topic surrounding iboga and its use.
Third Wave · April 24th, 2020
Harm Reduction Transcript: Utilizing Expanded States For Healing And Transformation – Françoise Bourzat
Françoise Bourzat talks about the importance of psychedelic guides, why courage is central to healing, and the value of earth wisdom from plant medicines.
Third Wave · April 22nd, 2020
Harm Reduction Transcript: The Future Of Psychedelics: Medicalization, Microdosing, And The Mainstream – Dr. Will Siu
Dr. Will Siu talks about the problems with conventional therapy and explains how psychedelic-assisted therapy could take up some of the slack.
Third Wave · April 22nd, 2020