Well-researched, easy-to-access resources about psychedelics; various resources on  building psychedelic community; and thoughts on the changing tide in the cultural understanding of psychedelics.


More specifically, you will find:

  • 'How to' Guides on using psychedelics within specific frameworks (like for creative endeavors)
  • Links to additional resources on psychedelics - Books, Essays, Articles WebsitesPodcasts
  • Stories about individuals who have used psychedelics to live a more vibrant life
  • Long-form pieces on Psychedelic Community, Psychedelic Identity, and other topics relevant to our mission
  • Detailed information about the most relevant psychedelics: LSDMagic Mushrooms, Ibogaine, Ayahuasca, DMT, Peyote, and MDMA (yes, not technically a psychedelic, but still...)
  • Access to resources on building grassroots psychedelic community in your city (coming soon....)